Knee Pain? 7 Toning Exercises to Avoid

If you happen to have sensitive knees or knee pain that causes debilitation, you need to avoid certain activities. Constant knee pain or knee pain associated with exercise and activity can also be caused by certain medical conditions, so it’s important to speak to your doctor if this is the case for you. On the other hand, you also should not be afraid to try and get some form of daily exercise to benefit your health. Just be sure to avoid the following exercises:

1. Squats

One form of exercise that is popular for toning and building lower body strength is squats. Some people even use weights to work the lower and upper body at the same time. When you have knee pain, squats are an exercise that should be avoided. This is due to the impact that this constant bending and up and down movement has on the joints of the knees.

2. Lunges  

Another common lower body exercise is the lunge. This movement works the knees in much the same way as the squat and can be excruciating for those that suffer from knee pain. Avoid this toning exercise if you are one that experiences knee pain.

3. Step-Up Exercises

Aerobic step-up exercise is a repetitive motion that will wreak havoc on the knees. The quick and constant up and down movement can over work already painful joints and cause unnecessary wear and tear for individuals suffering from knee pain.

4. Crawl Stroke

Another toning exercise to avoid is the crawl stroke while in the pool. While swimming in general is often recommended for those that have knee pain, the crawl stroke is out. This knee bending movement is sure to cause more pain than relief.

5. Fast Paced Walking or Jogging

Fast paced walking and jogging requires constant bending of the knees and the impact of hard surfaces on the knees is painful and damaging for those that already have knee pain.

6. Deep Knee Wall Squats

There is probably no one who doesn’t remember being in high school gym class and leaning against the wall in a sitting position, suffering and shaking. High school is over so avoid doing this exercise to tone your legs and knees. This will only cause more pain for your knees.

7. High Impact Kick Boxing

The movement that is required in kick boxing or other forms of martial arts for toning can cause more damage than is already present.

Exercises to Perform

There are actually many things you still can and should do with knee pain. Building strength around your knees is the best remedy and there are plenty of low-impact exercises to do. Swimming, besides the crawl stroke, is one of the best. Lying side leg lifts and hamstring lifts are other exercises to do. Another idea is yoga.

The point is to keep active as much as you can in spite of chronic knee pain. The strength you build and the other benefits to your body are worth the effort it takes.


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