Keeping a Healthy Diet on Vacation

We all love going away and relaxing, but have you wondered if there is any way you can stay on a healthy diet while on vacation?  There are ways to do this, and it does not mean depriving yourself either.

Consider the last time you went on vacation and over-indulged. You ate foods with high sugar and high fat content, and chances are that your body probably rebelled. After several days, you started to feel sluggish and run-down, as your body tried to purge all of the bad stuff from your system. 

In addition to feeling physically bad, you probably also felt like beating yourself up emotionally because you just blew all of the good habits you were starting to build. So, why not just prevent all of that by eating a relatively healthy diet while you are on vacation?

Healthier Choices

Trying to maintain your healthy diet on vacation does not mean that you must deprive yourself. When eating out, simply make an attempt to choose the healthier items on the menu. Instead of beef or pork, try ordering chicken or seafood.  It is also helpful to request sauces or dressings on the side, as they are normally high in fat. If you have it on the side, you are in control of the amount that you eat.

If the restaurant has absolutely no healthy alternatives, then go ahead and enjoy your meal, but just do not make it a daily occurrence.  Try to do better for the rest of the trip.  You may also try sharing a meal with one of your dinner mates. Most portions at restaurants are simply too large, and you will both be doing yourselves a favor by consuming smaller portions.

Limit the Alcohol

Vacation is a time to let you hair down, and you may be tempted to have a few drinks. However, make sure to limit it to only a few, because alcohol is high in calories.  It can also lower your inhibitions, thus tempting you to indulge in foods that may not be so good for you. In addition, if you drink at a bar, the bartender will usually offer you snacks that are high in sodium and saturated fat. 

If you want to go to the local pub with your friends and don’t want to look like a killjoy, order a club soda, sparkling water with lime, or ask the bartender to make your favorite cocktail without the alcohol. As long as it is not a drink made with heavy fruit juices which are high in sugar, the “virgin” cocktail would be the better choice.

Moderation is the Key

A healthier diet can be maintained while on vacation, but you need to make a conscious effort to be aware of your choices. Enjoy your foods and drinks, but just try to remember that anything is fine, as long as it is in moderation. Split a dessert with a dinner mate instead of having a whole one yourself. Have one cocktail instead of two. Order the small milkshake instead of the large. Eat or drink slowly, savor the tastes and feel no guilt.


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