Jump Rope for Beginners

At a first glance, the jump rope may be considered a tool meant for children. Even though it would be ideal to learn during childhood how to use a jump rope, with a few tips, you can master the skipping game even as a grown-up. Jumping rope is preferred to running ,as it does not cause any knee damage. However, there are many other benefits brought by this physical activity. All the aspects that need to be known in order to jump rope are detailed below.

Choosing the Right Rope

It is essential to use a jump rope of a certain length. In order to determine whether it is adequate for you or not, you have to fold it in half and compare it to your height. From the ground up, it should be near the level of your shoulders. The weight of the jump rope also plays an important role, so you are recommended to pick a heavier one. The beaded jump ropes that are available on the market seem to provide better results than the rest. However, for certain types of training, a light weight plastic speed rope may be ideal.

Find the Proper Surface

The surface on which you will jump has to be made from certain materials in order to absorb the shocks properly. The best options are:

  • Gym mat
  • Outdoor track
  • Tennis court
  • Wood floor

Pugilists are highly recommended to jump rope inside the ring, as that surface features great shock absorbance. The ankles and feet will be less affected by the shock in this situation. Keep in mind that concrete floors should be avoid. Cross training shoes represent the best option for jumping rope, as they provide the necessary cushion.

You also have to make sure that the surface on which you jump is flat. This will prevent you for losing your balance and thus, you will be able to prevent many undesired accidents.

Techniques Used for Jumping Rope

To most people, skipping involves passing the jump robe over your head and under your feet as you jump. This is referred to as the basic style. However, many styles have been developed in order to increase the effectiveness of training. The most popular techniques are named:

  • Alternate foot jump
  • Combination jumps
  • Criss-cross
  • Double under
  • Toad    

When using the basic style for jumping rope, you have to keep a bit of a distance between the feet. Make sure that you synchronize the feet, so they jump simultaneously over the rope. This is the first style that you should learn. After knowing this one, the others will seem a lot easier.

Alternate foot jump, also known as speed step, is a technique that allows you to double the jumps per minute. All you have to do is to use your feet alternatively for jumping off the floor.

Criss-cross is regarded as a simple alternative to the basic style. More precisely, it involves placing the right hand on the left part of the body and the left hand on the right side, all this while jumping.

Double under is a jumping rope technique that is based on speed. It implies passing the rope twice under your feet and over your head during a single jump. As you increase your speed, you will be able to switch this style to triple under, quadruple under and even quintuple under.

Combination jumps involve the use of 2 or more of the techniques presented above. The increased degree of complexity makes this style perfect for games such as the Chinese Wheel or Long Rope.

Toad is possibly the most complex style. It is based on the criss-cross technique, but with a very great twist. Toad implies placing the left hand under the right leg when jumping, and vice versa. Make sure that the arms move at the same time as the leg that needs to intersect them. With a lot of practice, this technique can also be mastered.    


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