Jump Rope: Double Dutch

Double Dutch is an advanced form of jump rope. Where jump rope is a single person activity, double dutch involves 3 or more people at one time. Dutch settlers coming to the Hudson River area brought this game along with them. Upon seeing this, English settlers dubbed it Double Dutch and the name has stuck ever since. Once a game played by children on the playground, Double Dutch has grown into a worldwide sporting event.

The Basics

In it’s simplest description Double Dutch is a game played when two people turn two ropes, kind of like an eggbeater, and another player stands in the middle jumping the ropes. This activity requires quick

feet and stamina. In order to keep a rhythm that is constant, the spinners often recite a song with metered stanzas that rhyme. The spinners begin the twirling of the ropes and once the beat is established, the jumpers jump in.

Learning How To Double Dutch

Now that you know the basics of the game, here is how you learn to do it:

Step 1:

Get three or more people together. You need at least 3 and the jump ropes, of course.

Step 2:

Pick the spinners and the people who will jump.

Step 3:

The left arms of the spinners spin the ropes clockwise and the right arms spin the ropes counterclockwise. They should hold the rope with their thumb and forefinger keeping the rest of the fingers around the thumbs.

Step 4:

Pick a rhythm and stick to it. Practice spinning at a specific rhythm with the other spinner.

Step 5:

Make the first jump when the rope closest to you comes into contact with the ground. If you are on the left-hand side of the spinner, jump when the rope in their right hand hits the ground. Then move to the center of the rope.

Step 6:

Now that you are in the rope, practice turning around and moving up and down the rope.

Step 7:

Add more jumpers if you want.

Step 8:

Start singing a song to help you keep the beat of the ropes. This makes it easier to keep your timing.

Step 9:

Practice, practice, practice. The more you jump, the better you will get.

Remember that when playing Double Dutch, you are working as a team. It takes two to spin the ropes and one or more to jump. Without teamwork and practice, your jumping won’t last very long.

Double Dutch is a street game gone professional. When you play this on the street against other teams, you make up the rules you want to use. Rules can include who goes first, how many people are on each team, how long the jumping is to last and so on. The winners are the ones who lasted the longest or did the most tricks.

Remember that despite being a competitive game, Double Dutch is a game. Games are meant to be fun, so celebrate when you complete a hard move or just do well. If you make a mistake, learn from it and get better the next time. The old saying that practice makes perfect is definitely true when it comes to Double Dutch. All you need is some rope, a song and some good friends and you can be a Double Dutch pro.


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