Judging Fast Weight Loss Diet Time Tables

A fast weight loss diet touts losing huge amounts of weight fast. Lose 30 pounds in 30 days, lose 3 pants sizes in a month, watch the pounds melt away with our product – there are many quick fix diets that promise results, but how do they really stack up?

There are always fast weight loss diets on the market, but according to experts, most of these are scams. There is no real fast way to lose weight. It takes time to gain weight, and likewise, it will take time to take it off.

What is a Reasonable Timetable for Losing Weight?

Nutritionists and doctors recommend losing only about 1 to 2 pounds weekly. Any diet that promises to help you lose more weight than that should be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism. Even if you can quickly lose weight on a diet, it is most likely a lot of water weight and will be quickly regained after you end the diet. The only real way to lose weight and keep it off over time is to change your eating habits and combine a healthy diet with regular exercise.

Fast Weight Loss Diet Aids

Many of the popular diet pills contain herbal ingredients that are not regulated as drugs by the FDA. Therefore, they make unsubstantiated claims that are not evaluated for accuracy. Some of the fast weight loss diet products that fall into this category, and tend to be scams include:

  • Diet patches
  • Herbal weight loss teas
  • Carb- and fat-blocking pills
  • Metabolism boosting pills made up of herbal ingredients
  • Body wraps

Fast Weight Loss Diet Trends

In addition to pills and other diet aids, there are numerous diet plans that claim to help you shed pounds quicker than more traditional diets. Even with these diets though, if you are really focused on losing weight, the most you are going to typically lose is 3 to 5 pounds weekly. However, in the first week, you may experience more significant weight loss – about 10 pounds – if you drop a lot of water weight or cut out something that supplies a lot of calories like soda.

Many of these quick weight loss diets are based on cutting out a significant element of your usual diet like carbohydrates. While this may be useful as a short-term strategy to lose some weight quickly, over the long term, it is more healthy to eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of nutrition from food (while watching your calories and choosing healthy food options).

Though you may be able to drop some weight quickly with a fast weight loss diet, losing weight and keeping it off requires long-term dedication to healthy eating and fitness. If you set reasonable goals and work towards them, you can shape yourself into the slimmer you that you have been trying for.



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