Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig, Inc., was founded in 1983. They are located in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. The basis of the plan is weekly consultations, and prepackaged foods. The program offers two major membership levels, Platinum and Gold.

The Platinum Membership includes:
Weight Loss Support

* Private, weekly weight loss Consultations
* Guidance with choosing Jenny Craig Menus
* Weight Loss Success Manuals for information and strategies
* Audio Walking Program to support activity goals
* Motivational Audio for extra support

Weight Maintenance Support

* Private, monthly Maintenance Consultations
* Guidance with Maintenance Menu Planning
* Maintenance Mastery Manual for information and strategies
* The Jenny Craig Cookbook for healthy meal planning and cooking
* Journals to track your progress

Special Benefits for Platinum Members (expires after 3 years)

* 50% Platinum reward (Does not apply in California due to state law)
* 25% Program discount for immediate family members
* 10% off Jenny Craig Cuisine while maintaining your desired weight
* Unlimited come-back privileges for 3 years (see Service Agreement for specific details)

The Gold Membership (expires after 1 year)

* Private, weekly weight loss Consultations
* Guidance with choosing Jenny Craig Menus
* Weight Loss Success Manuals for information and strategies
* Audio Walking Program to support activity goals
* Journals to track your progress

Jenny Craig offers their services through your choice of local centers, or telephone support.

In Centre: Includes weekly private weight loss consultations with a Jenny Craig consultant. The consultant will help you plan your weekly menus, chart your progress, and discuss your weight loss challenges and successes.

Jenny Direct: This program is designed for clients that don’t live near a Jenny Craig center, or that are unable to attend consultations. Services are provided by telephone consultations, and products and program packages are delivered by mail.

The Food:
The Jenny Craig program relies on your purchase of prepackaged foods, eventually progressing to preparing your own foods with healthy menus. According to a Men’s Health article in 2001, Jenny Craig sells around $204 Million worth of prepackaged meals per year.

The food selections look enticing, offering meals such as Island Style Chicken, Traditional Lasagna, even Double Chocolate Cake for dessert! The nutrition content of the meals is comparable to Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine frozen meals that are available in every supermarket at lower prices. In addition to membership fees, food costs using Jenny Craig prepackaged meals averages $10 to $15 per day. You may still be responsible for additional food choices, such as perishable items.


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  • Stacia

    I lost 15 pounds on Jenny Craig but ended up having to stop. I am vegetarian and their options for vegetarians are very very very limited and include mostly pasta. It took me a good 6 months before I could even eat pasta again. It was nice to be held accountable, but not a good option for vegetarians.

  • karen

    Let’s be clear. JC’s “consultations” are heavy sales pitches. And I mean heavy..they are obviously on some kind of sales quotas and use guilt and other methods to sell their products.

    The foods they sell are as much as 6x’s the cost of what a similar item would cost at the grocery store. You are paying for the name and the small packaging, which to some, can be helpful. Finally, they use HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and other unhealthy ingredients, so their foods are only similar to healthy choice, etc,, in the portion sizes/calories.

  • janine

    I lost about 40lbs on JC. At first, the food is new and exciting, but you get in it for a few months and everything is a bore. And yes, the “salespeople” are just that. They work on commission off of the food you buy. To be honest, I was jaded thinking my consultant really cared about me until she let me know that I should only buy my food when she was there since it was commission based. This unfortunately, completely turned me off. I never returned and of course, gained all of my weight back.