Jello Desserts: Decadence while Dieting

Dieting or being on food restriction is never fun, but with the help of jello desserts there are ways to stay on the diet without feeling completely deprived. “Diet” is almost a dirty word because of the hard work and the limits on food that go with it. Sweets and desserts are usually taken out of any diet, but jello can be used in its place. It’s an after dinner treat, but will not have anywhere near the amount of calories or sugar content that traditional desserts have. This dish can be enjoyed without any of the guilty feelings.

What is Jello?

Jello is a gelatin dessert. The majority of the products that come from the company that makes jello are available in a regular version, but also come in a low-calorie and a low sugar version. These are ideal products for dieters, but also for people who are concerned about their weight and their health.


Jello is very easy to make at home. It has a sweet taste, so you won’t feel deprived. Jello can also be dressed up in a number of ways, so it does not become a routine dessert. Whipped cream can be added on top for additional flavor, or fruit, such as strawberries, pineapples or bananas can be added. The addition of fruits and whipped toppings make the dessert not only more delicious, but also more pleasing to the eye. Very few people would turn away at the sight of a beautifully prepared jello dessert served in a martini glass, with fruit chunks and a whipped topping.


For the chocolate loving dieter, jello mousse is also available in flavors of chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel. Each is only 60 calories. These come prepackaged, so all of the guess work about serving size is done. Mousse offers the dieter a dessert with a smooth, velvety texture and finish. It can act as a substitute for a decant chocolate dessert such as fudge brownies or a decadent chocolate layer cake. All that is needed to do is eat and enjoy.


Pudding is another product offered by the company that makes jello. This product also comes in a regular version and for the dieter, there is a low calorie, sugar free version also available. Each serving of pudding has only 35 calories. There are nine different flavors available. Pudding can also be dressed up with additions such as whipped cream.

When dieting, there are so many forbidden foods and desserts that can destroy your healthy eating plan, but jello is a low calorie option that can fit easily into most diet plans. They are great for the dieter because they have the taste of the sugar filled desserts but do not have all of the calories. A single serving can have as little as ten calories. So eat up and enjoy!


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