Is Your Fitness Routine Giving Your Heartburn?

Heartburn is caused by a reflux of foods or acids back into the esophagus from the stomach. It leads to a painful burning sensation in the abdominal and throat areas, and this condition can be agitated or even caused by certain types of exercising. While exercise is important for a number of health reasons, including relieving symptoms of heartburn over a period of time, it’s important to engage in the right type of exercise to avoid causing heartburn symptoms.

Exercises to Avoid

Many types of exercise or specific positions necessary for certain workout routines can cause significant pain and discomfort due to heartburn. If you currently have problems with recurring heartburn, or you notice that you experience symptoms when exercising, you may wish to modify or change your routine. Experiment with different types of exercise that are less stressful to your body. Certain positions in weight training or yoga can cause pressure to build in the abdominal area and lead to reflux. Avoid exercises that require you to lie flat on a hard surface or bend repeatedly at the waist. Also, many types of vigorous exercise, such as running and aerobics, can cause heartburn symptoms.

Low Stress Exercises

In order to avoid heartburn during exercise, you can try different methods during your workout. If crunches or sit ups are leading to pain due to heartburn, try an upright abdominal exercise, such as torso twists, or full body exercise which leads to overall weight loss. Targeting specific areas with weight training can be accomplished in a number of ways, so attempt to avoid the positions that lead to your symptoms. Aerobics can be accomplished by riding a stationary bicycle, cycling outdoors or swimming, as these are low-stress exercises that still provide all the benefits of an aerobic workout.

Other Tips for Avoiding Heartburn during Exercise

There are a number of other things you can do before, during and after exercise to help alleviate symptoms of heartburn. If it’s not possible to modify your routine, you may take notice of the types of foods you are eating. Since many foods are known to cause heartburn symptoms, avoiding these foods before exercise, if not altogether, should help you to avoid the painful experience. Experiment with different foods to find out what may be causing your problems. Additionally, you may want to avoid eating altogether for 2 to 3 hours prior to your workout.

Heartburn Relief

If you cannot seem to avoid heartburn symptoms while exercising, you can find many effective ways to treat symptoms, though these may be only temporary. While you are experimenting with different types of exercise and food combinations, over the counter heartburn relief may help. Additionally, there are several natural remedies which can neutralize stomach acid, making reflux less painful. Mix a bit of baking soda with water or take acidophilus capsules. Some people suggest eating an apple, drinking a bit of apple cider vinegar or chewing gum. Any one of these methods may be most preferable for relieving your heartburn symptoms.


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