Is There Junk Food That Works With My Diet?

So, you just can’t bear giving up those burgers and fries?  Well, there are a couple ways to answer the question, “will a junk food diet” work? 

The Truth About Junk Food

First, the short answer is simply, no.  Junk food never has, and never will, be a healthy part of any diet.  Even if your goal is to gain weight, there are healthier ways of doing it.  But wait — don’t throw out the Burger King Bucks just yet!  Continue reading to get the full story here..

Eat Junk Food in Moderation

Now here’s the longer version.  While junk food will never be a healthy food to eat, by no means should it be strictly forbidden.  When people cut out anything cold turkey, whether that be foods or drinks, they are bound to build up an irresistible craving and go on a binge sooner or later.  The smartest way to control the intake of junk food is to limit it. 

I recommend allowing yourself one day per week, ideally Saturday, where you allow yourself to eat whatever you want.  Not only will your cravings be satisfied, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about it because you’ve been eating so well the rest of the week.  Now get out there and find yourself a corn dog**!

**as long as it’s on a Saturday 🙂


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