Is There a Difference between Fresh Fruits and Canned Fruits?

The nutrition of canned fruits may surprise you. Most canned fruit is processed and packaged as soon as it’s picked. This process retains the fruit’s flavor and freshness. Here’s a good look at the nutrition of canned fruits. Unless there is sugar and unhealthy preservatives used in the process, you’ll find the majority of nutrition benefits remain the same or better.

Freshness and Preparation

In the past, it was thought that canned fruit lacked the freshness of frozen and fresh fruit. Recent years have proven this to be untrue. The canning process involves using a vacuum or heat sealing method. This process kills bacteria and other harmful organisms. Canned fruit is also processed in its own juices or water. Fresh fruit does not undergo these processes. You need to wash fresh fruit thoroughly before consuming it. Fresh fruit is handled by other consumers before you buy it. The risk of bacterial contamination and food borne pathogens is high because of this fact. During the canning process, the fruit undergoes several thorough washings. Your risk of getting sick is reduced or eliminated.

Vitamins and Minerals

The vitamins and minerals of fruit aren’t lost due to canning. They remain high in nutrients, and do so better than fresh fruits. This happens due to the canning process. Fresh fruit doesn’t last as long as canned and loses much of its nutrition after about a week in the refrigerator.

Vitamins A, C and dietary fiber are found in numerous fruits. Vitamin A is more prevalent because very little of this nutrient is lost in the canning process. Peach and pumpkin are two canned foods with vitamin C, which is important for providing protection against illness. It strengthens your immune system and keeps colds at bay. Canned tangerines and mandarin oranges are perfect fruits that provide vitamin C.


One of the biggest differences between fresh and canned fruit is convenience. Most fruit is seasonal, but you can find a good amount of your fruit in cans. This convenience helps you get the nutrition of fruit throughout the year. You can also save on money and time by purchasing canned fruit. Once your fresh fruit reaches its shelf life, you need to throw it out.

Preservatives and Additives

Although canned fruit can be as healthy as the fresh varieties, you need to be aware of additives and preservatives. The majority of canned foods need these things to maintain their shelf life. However, most canned fruit is only packaged in its natural juices. These juices protect the fruit and prevent it from losing its nutrients. Fruit cocktails are one variety you need to take a closer look at. Although there are a good number of fruits in the can, sometimes extra sweeteners are added for taste. Some may include salt. Avoid this dilemma by reading the ingredient section carefully. The ingredients should only contain real fruit, fruit juice or water.

The differences between canned fruits and fresh fruits are small. These differences do not take away the nutrition that all fruit provides you.


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