Is the Anabolic Diet a Good Diet for Weight Loss?

Dr. Mario Di Pasquale developed the Anabolic Diet as a response to drug use in bodybuilding. He believed that a proper diet could provide the same results, while avoiding risks and complications. The Anabolic Diet has been shown as an effective method of weight loss, but is really designed for those who adhere to the bodybuilding lifestyle.

One of the reasons the Anabolic Diet is so effective is the low carbohydrate requirement. For the first 12 days, you do no consume carbs at all. After those initial 12 days, you consume carbs on the weekends, and eat no carbs during the week. During the week, you eat a high protein, high fat diet consisting of fatty meats, cheeses, and oils.


The Anabolic Diet is not for everyone. If you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, or have a family history of heart disease, you should avoid any high-fat diets. When following the Di Pasquale’s diet plan, it is important to avoid eating carbohydrates on your high-fat days. Eating carbs with fats can run the risk of weight gain. Over time, you increase your risk of diabetes and obesity.

Bottom Line

Dr. Di Pasquale designed the Anabolic Diet specifically for competitive bodybuilders, or those with advanced training in the sport of weight lifting. He recommends his Metabolic Diet for the general public. It is a more comprehensive approach to dieting, and reveals new variations on his low-carb dieting method. 


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