Is The 1200 Calorie Diet Right For You?

Whether the 1200 calorie diet is adequate for you depends on your current calorie intake and on your body type. First of all, you need to use a calorie counter in order to determine the ratio between the calorie intake and burned calories. For determining your body type, you need to calculate the BMI (body mass index), or the ratio between your height and body weight.  

Gender also plays an important role when choosing a diet. While the 1200 calorie diet is adequate for women who want to lose weight rapidly, men should try 1500-1700 calorie diets for the same purpose.  

Premise: The premise of this diet is that you will lose weight if you reduce your calorie intake and practice portion control. Fat and alcohol are rich in calories, and hence, should be avoided when following a low calorie diet. In contrast, protein and carbs are found at the other extreme. 

Diet: A 1200 calorie diet should comprise:

  • Grains – 5 servings
  • Vegetables – 3 servings
  • Fruits – 2 servings
  • Beans, nuts, seeds, meat substitutes and eggs – 5 ounces 

What to get excited over: Provided that your current diet provides 1700 calories, switching to a 1200 calorie diet will help you to lose 1 pound per week. Weight loss is even more obvious when your previous diet has more calories.

Things to consider: A sudden transition from a high calorie diet to a low calorie diet plan may be complicated and could wreak havoc on your body. Hence, you are advised to make the change gradually. 

The Verdict: If weight loss is your goal, you are suggested to try acai berry instead of a low calorie diet. This fruit is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins that improve the immune system and digestion, and protect your body form cancer and heart diseases. Overall, acai berry may provide more benefits than a simple 1200 calorie diet.

You must maintain a nutritious and balanced diet, and give your body adequate calories, to remain healthy for life!


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  • lucia lopez

    I have been boiling chicken breast w/no skin on it and adding chicken boulion w/ a tablespoon or 2 of smart balance depending on the amount of chiken i cook.With this chicken that i also chop I divide it into portion sizes, I use it for salads,wheat tortillas burritos W/black beans/chicken sanwiches on whole wheat bread.I started at 236 pounds Jull 31 and by the second week of september I had already lost 18 pounds.I eat cherrios w/ 2% mike ,or oatmeal in the mourning.I eat every 3 hours.Somtimes I have a glucerna for a snack.&eat veggis .Well I am trying to eat right at the same time lose weight.Im just courious on the way I prepare my chicken breast.And should i eat it once or twice a day?Is chicken the way I fix it okay or is there a better way? By the way I am also drinking pleanty of water.I work 50 to 60 hrs. A week in a bakery(I am the manager) Its not easy but I can live with it. I eat nothing in the bakery other than a whole wheat bagel or a small piece of wheat bread if i cant make time to eat.Can someone please help me out!