Is Thai Kickboxing Good for Weight Loss?

One of the most effective sports in losing weight, thai kickboxing is also one of the most enjoyable to take part in. Most people will have heard of kickboxing in some form or another, be it through movies or the Internet, but Thai kickboxing differs in the fact that it uses more of the body in it’s technique. As an indication of just how intense a thai kickboxing workout can be, it is estimated that around 1000 calories can be burned in one session.

Art of the 8 limbs

The main difference thai kickboxing has over other forms of martial arts, is the use of the elbows and knees in conjunction with the fists and feet. The elbows are known as the ‘knives’ of the body as they can cause a lot of damage to the opponent in a fight, and are the number one cause of knock outs.

Warm Up

Getting ready to take part in a thai boxing workout should involve a thorough warm up, as the workout itself should be fairly intense. As all of the limbs will be involved, compound moves such as star jumps and skipping are common methods for Thai fighters to warm up their muscles before beginning. As these methods use the entire body, more calories are burned, meaning that weight loss is easier to achieve.

The Workout

The thai boxing workout will involve techniques in punching and kicking, as you might expect. But, the real calories are burned when the knees and elbows come into play. The legs hold the largest muscle groups in the whole body, so moving these will facilitate weight loss as more calories are used up in the form of energy required to move them.

Repetition is the key in thai kickboxing, and repeatedly kneeing and kicking pads or a heavy bag will work most of the muscles in the body very quickly. If you have never tried a workout, you can rest assured that the next day you will feel sore all over, even in places you wouldn’t expect.  Although uncomfortable initially, subsequent training sessions will become more comfortable as your body begins to ‘remember’  the moves and techniques.  The soreness is a good indication of the muscles being used and calories being burned, and this in turn means that weight loss is inevitable.


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