Is Surgery the Best Option for Tightening Skin after Weight Loss?

Losing weight is a huge task, but afterwards starts the process of tightening skin. After reaching a weight loss goal, especially when large amounts of weight have been lost, there may be sagging skin. While surgery is an option, it is an extreme option. Surgery will get the results needed, but there are other options to try before heading to your nearest plastic surgeon.

Weight Training

Weight training is a good option to firm up your skin. By toning the muscles underneath the skin, the skin will look more firm. The weight training needs to be intense. All the major muscle groups of the body need to be worked, and weights need to be used to tone the muscles. Start out with lighter weights and gradually increase the intensity. It might be a good idea to take a weight training class or get help from a personal trainer.

Nourish the Skin

Nourishing the skin is great for promoting elasticity. Using a moisturizer will help to keep the skin hydrated. In addition to moisturizing the skin, exfoliate the skin daily. Removing the dead skin cells will stimulate the skin. This happens because when the dead cells are removed, new cells need to be fed and this stimulates circulation. It is best to moisturize at least twice a day: morning and night.

Drink Water

It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water does many things for the body and the skin. Drinking water will keep the skin moist, and it helps rid the body and skin of toxins. The toxins are flushed out and the body can detox and cleanse. The skin will have a healthy look to it. By keeping the skin healthy, circulation is improved and new cells are created.

Massage the Skin

Massaging the skin works great to promote elasticity and to tighten the skin. The massage can be done by a massage therapist, or it can be done at home. By massaging the skin, the skin is stimulated and the cells may begin to tighten the skin. Mustard oil is great to use with a massage. This oil also works to promote healthy skin. 


Surgery to tighten the skin is an expensive and painful process. Many doctors will not even perform the surgery until other options have been considered and a certain period of time has gone by, usually 2 years. Discuss your options with your doctor and maybe get a second opinion. Surgery should be looked at as a last resort, not a quick fix. Exhaust all options for your skin before going under the knife.


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