Is Orange Juice a Great Way to Start the Day?

Orange juice is considered one of the healthiest types of juices around. Because of the many benefits it has, health experts recommend including orange juice in your diet. Orange juice may be included during breakfast, lunch or dinner. In most cases, it’s good to start the day right by drinking orange juice.

Orange Juice Health Benefits

A glass of orange juice daily can help avoid frequent trips to the doctor. This is because ideally even just one glass of it contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very important to the body because it helps boost the immune system. A healthy immune system is efficient in warding off different kinds of illnesses such as flu or colds.


Throughout the years, medical research has revealed how orange juice can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This is particularly beneficial for middle aged women and men where cholesterol and blood related diseases become more prevalent. Orange juice is high in antioxidants, which are good for cleansing the body. People who regularly drink orange juice are less likely to develop cancer, such as prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Nutrient Rich

Orange juice is high in potassium. Health experts advise that people should have potassium in their system to function well. Recent studies have revealed that orange juice can help a person avoid heart diseases. It also helps improve blood circulation. The folate content of orange can enhance cell reproduction and speed up the healing process. People suffering from arthritis can benefit a lot from orange juice. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease the pain.

Weight Loss

Because orange juice has high antioxidants, there are those who believe that it has weight loss utility. It’s proposed that when orange juice is consumed regularly it can burn off fat and lower weight. However, many health experts note that people should not drink orange juice solely because they think that it can help them lose weight. Up until today, that link has not been established.

Drinking Tips

  • People should drink orange juice in moderation. Although it offers many health benefits, it’s not good to drink too much. Orange juice still counts for a number of calories and drinking more than the recommended amount may not do wonders for the body.
  • Before drinking any orange juice, make sure that the sugar content is checked. It won’t be beneficial to drink an orange juice with a high sugar content. High sugar content can contradict the health benefits that a person should supposedly get from orange juice.
  • For people with acidic stomachs or related conditions, it might not be good to drink lots of orange juice. The acidic nature of orange juice may damage the stomach walls and cause further complications.
  • It’s generally preferred to drink orange juice during meals. The food consumed should help counter the acidity of the juice. Some claim that it’s even better to drink orange juice that has pulp. Pulp theoretically makes orange juice healthier. However, this claim has not been proven yet.

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