Is Low Fat Chocolate Milk Bad for Your Diet?

Chocolate milk contains healthy fats, protein and low glycemic carbohydrates. Believing that the naturally sweet drink, especially in the low fat variety, hinders a healthy diet plan sounds odd after knowing the nutritional content.


Natural low fat chocolate milk with no additives and substitutes usually contains all of the same vitamins and minerals as plain or other chocolate milks in other fat content varieties. The main debate involves the sugar content of chocolate milk, and the process by which the sugars block nutrient absorption. People feel that milk serves as a calcium source, but by drinking the chocolate variety, the calcium practically becomes cancelled out because it cannot be absorbed. Others believe sugars in chocolate milk generally add more calories. The bottom line of the milk debate relates to the other foods consumed in a diet. One food choice does not make or break a diet, but rather slightly or majorly hinders the effectiveness of the diet on the human body.


A glass of low fat chocolate milk has valuable nutrients, along with a sweet taste that attracts many people to drink it frequently. Consider limiting the consumption of the drink if your diet targets weight loss. The frequent consumption of any product moderately high in sugars can impair the effects of the rest of an otherwise smart diet. On the other hand, one glass of chocolate milk as a treat, or as the base of a healthy protein shake, will never completely reverse the effects of a good diet, regardless of the physical goal.


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