Is It Safe to Exercise during Your Menstruation Cycle?

During your menstruation cycle, you may experience intense cramping pain, bloating, irritability, headaches, tenderness and swelling. You may also feel like a mess. The pain and discomfort can make it difficult for you to get up from bed and go through your daily routine, let alone stick to an exercise routine. You may also be worried about your ability to safely exercise when your body’s going through such distress. However, exercise during your menstruation cycle is not only safe, it can prove beneficial.

Push Yourself to Exercise

When you’re feeling ill and irritable during your menstrual cycle, it can be difficult to summon the energy to workout. However, you should force yourself to try anyway. If after about ten minutes, you’re still not feeling the drive to workout, you can take a break. However, you may be surprised to find that you’ll have found the energy to continue after trying for ten minutes or so. Getting moving can help lessen the pain and discomfort you feel. Exercise can also give you a healthy boost of energy,

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

However, while you should force yourself to try to exercise, don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re not feeling well, you simply won’t be as capable as you are on a good day. During your ten-minute trial of menstrual cycle exercise, make sure you stretch to warm up. Keep the activity after the stretching slow, and not overly strenuous. You can walk, jog, do yoga or lift light weights.

Physical Activities that Improve Menstrual Cycle Symptoms

Concentrating on stretching and yoga during your cycle can prove especially beneficial for relieving cramps and abdominal pain. Stretches that target the abdomen, as long as they’re not too strenuous, can increase blood flow to the area and help soothe the sore, overly contracting uterine muscles that are causing the cramping. Swimming at a slow, leisurely pace can actually prove quite beneficial as well, as it exercises many of the body’s muscles and offers the body a little extra friction against which to work.

Consider Birth Control

It is safe to workout during your period, as long as you don’t push yourself too hard, but it can still prove difficult if you experience extreme pain and discomfort. If you suffer from extreme menstrual symptoms, you should consider hormonal contraceptives.

Birth control, as taken in pill, shot or vaginal ring form, can help regulate your cycle. You will have lighter periods (and possibly fewer periods as well) and much less pain and discomfort–at least, once you’ve gotten used to the birth control. (You may experience symptoms similar to early stages of pregnancy for up to the first three months of birth control.) Having a more regular cycle will allow you to exercise without worries.


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