Is it Possible to Lose Face Weight?

So, you’ve put in the time and effort at the gym, and you’ve cut the extraneous carbs and fats out of your diet, but when you look in the mirror every morning, you’re still faced with the dreaded loose skin and facial fat that you’ve been fighting since the beginning. What can you do to lose face weight? Well, some of it is simply body chemistry: People store fat in different areas of their bodies according to their genetic makeup, and unfortunately we cannot spot reduce weight. However, there are some tricks and techniques that you can use to help slim down those features without spending thousands on plastic surgery.


For women, especially those who have been pregnant or are going through menopause, facial fat can sometimes be attributed to water retention, which leads to bloating and can bring about the appearance puffiness around the face. Oddly enough, the way to combat water retention is by drinking more water. When you’re not getting enough water regularly, your body naturally holds onto what it has, causing that which is already in the system to be reabsorbed and reused continuously. Replenishing the system with at least eight glasses per day helps to flush the stored water out and avoid bloating.

Hold the Salt

Hormones and aging aren’t the only causes of water retention. Foods that contain high levels of salt, such as potato chips, processed cheese, salad dressings and prepackaged frozen meals, can also affect how our bodies retain water. Salt leads to water retention by increasing the amount of electrolytes in the bloodstream, which in turn causes more water to be absorbed into our skin, leading to that puffier look. So, instead of having that bag of chips, try snacking on some carrot sticks or a nice fresh fruit salad.

Face Yoga

A new and popular alternative to Botox and plastic surgery is a practice called “face yoga.” This exercise regimen, an offshoot and complement to the traditional method, focuses on relaxation and toning of facial muscles in order to combat not only facial fat, but wrinkles, and loose or sagging skin. There is a wide variety of fun and interesting poses you can try right in your living room, including the Lion Face, where you widen your eyes and open your mouth as far as they’ll go and then stick out your tongue or the Brow Smoother in which you slowly pull your eyebrows away from each other as you meditate in the lotus position. You may feel a bit silly at times, but such sessions can be freeing stress-reducers and do an excellent job of firming and toning facial muscles.

Exercise, Diet and Patience

In the end, though, patience and perseverance are always the keys to success. Your facial fat will eventually dissipate as you reduce your overall store of fat throughout your body through regular exercise and a healthy eating regimen. The key to this, though, is trusting your body and your health regimen, knowing that your face will catch up with the rest of your body.

A healthy diet and persistent exercise, along with consistently utilizing the tricks above, should give you a sleeker, more defined face in no time.


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