Is It Possible or Safe to Lose 10 Pounds a Week?

When losing weight, we all want fast results and may set goals for ourselves such as to lose 10 pounds a week. While this goal is entirely possible, this goal is very unrealistic and is not safe or sustainable long term. Weight loss needs to be slow and planned out for the weight to stay off and to see good results.

Slow and Steady

When losing weight, slow and steady is how it should be done. Doctors and fitness experts agree that to keep weight off long term, a weight loss of one to two pounds per week is the magic number. If a large amount, such as ten pounds, is lost in a very short amount of time, most of this will be water weight. If water weight is all that is lost, this weight lost will have a very high chance of coming back.

Amount to Lose

For people who have large amounts of weight to lose, such as 75 plus pounds, it is not uncommon to see bigger numbers of weight loss per week in the beginning. When undergoing such a huge lifestyle change, where a change in diet and exercise are coming in to play, the body will be going through a huge adjustment period. The first few weeks are usually where large amounts of weight loss occur; it can be as much as 10 pounds per week, but this will not be a constant thing. Once the body adjusts to the new diet and exercise plan, it will fall into a rhythm and balance out. 

Crash Diets

There are many diets out there that claim large amounts of weight loss in a very short period of time. The majority of people who try these diets do so for an upcoming event that they want to look good for. These crash diets may take off the 10 pounds or so but again, this is water weight. Once a regular diet is retrieved, the weight will most likely return. Sometimes additional weight will be put on as well.

Doing It Right

To lose ten pounds the proper way, it will take about five weeks to do so. To lose ten pounds, there needs to be a caloric deficit of 1000 calories per day. This can be done by a change in eating habits or it can be done through exercise. The best way and the most effective way to do it is to incorporate both in the weight loss goals. The 1000 calories can be split up between diet and exercise to get the best results. Even though ten pounds is a smaller amount of weight to lose, there still needs to be a plan in place for the results to be achieved.

Weight loss, no matter how much you have to lose, is a tough task. If it is not done properly, the infamous diet roller coaster can happen. A plan of attack needs to be established to make sure the weight loss is done properly.  Losing ten pounds in a week can be done, but is not a safe or healthy way to go about it.


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