Is it Ever OK to Eat Fast Food?

Today, fast food has become a way of life for many people. Cheeseburgers, pizzas, French fries and super-sized soft drinks have formed their very own food group. It’s not very hard to see why a large part of the population has made fast food a staple of their diets. Fast food is convenient, cheap and it tastes great. When you don’t have time to cook dinner after a long day at work or you have little kids screaming for fried chicken and ice cream, fast food may seem like the best idea. But here are some reasons why you may want to keep your fast food restaurant visits to a minimum.

Fast Food is Addictive

Fast food is packed with some of the unhealthiest additives that you can find in any food, such as refined sugar, fats and salt. Not only can these additives contribute to weight gain and illnesses, but they can also affect the hormones in your body. These hormones can cause you to start getting cravings for fast food on a regular basis. So even when you reach the point where you know fast food is making you sick, it becomes difficult for you to stop consuming it. This effect of fast food is even more detrimental to children. Kids who grow up on steady diets of fast food and packaged snacks often experience obesity and poor health even at an early age. This makes it difficult for them to change their habits as they grow older.

Fast Food Causes Obesity

The fact that fast food can make you gain weight is not a big secret. The renowned documentary “Supersize Me” showed the journey of the director as he embarked on one month of eating nothing but fast food. By the end of the experiment, you see the lean healthy young man transform into an overweight and irritable individual. Fast food contains large amounts of fat and calories that can clearly cause a variety of unhealthy changes in the human body. 

Fast Food Increases Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Burgers are a staple dish in most fast food restaurants, but do you really know what goes into the meat patty of your favorite burger? The meat in these burgers contains large amounts of cholesterol which can accumulate in your body over time. This cholesterol can block your arteries and disrupt the blood flow in your body, increasing your risk of a heart attack. Fast food also has a lot of sodium which can also increase your blood pressure. Kidney disease and heart failure are a couple of effects of excess consumption of sodium. Fast food and other kinds of processed foods also contain high amounts of trans fat, which is known for increasing the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

Keep these things in mind the next time you get a craving for your favorite fast food.


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  • Nathan

    I was wondering how often this post is talking about eating fast food. I am 22 and have fast food at least 5 times per week. I am very athletic and have no problem with gaining weight. I actually have the opposite problem. The doctor says that I am in perfect health condition. So is the problem the food or the people who are not responsible enough with it?

  • Dan


    What these kind of stories always fail to mention is that if you want to lose weight you must have a caloric deficiency at the end of the day. If you want to gain weight, you must have a caloric leftover at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter so much WHAT you put in your body if you’re just trying to lose weight. Now if you are trying to cut fat and maintain muscle as you lose weight, you need to focus on eating low glycemic foods that are less likely to trigger insulin release which causes fat storage. The problem with fast food is that its almost ALWAYS high in the caloric numbers and the breads and oils they cook in are high on the glycemic list promoting insulin release. So if you’re OVER consuming AND eatting high glycemic foods then you are going to gain fat weight plain and simple. If you UNDER consume and STILL eat fast food you’ll probably actually lose weight but very little of it will be fat, most of it will be muscle. If you have Netflix watch a movie called FatHeads. Debunks a lot of stuff, granted both of those movies (supersize me and fatheads) have their own prerogatives and their end goal is to make money. Regardless, Americans as a whole are so miss-informed about this whole thing. I train people in nutrition and resistance training for a living and I’ve yet to have someone follow the simple plan of exercise and eating lifestyle change and NOT lose weight. I’m not doing anything magical, I’m simply telling them they truth.