Is Indoor Cycling the Best Fat Burning Training?

Indoor cycling is a class that takes place in an indoor studio, with stationary bikes, and it is taught by an instructor.  Cycling classes last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and are an excellent source for fat burning training.

Each cycling class will vary some in how they are taught and structured. These classes are a great aerobic exercise and are taught by one instructor who is riding along with the class in front of the room. The instructor will have a routine created that will help the class along and will get the heart beating.

Calorie Burn

The majority of classes typically last about 45 minutes. Some are shorter for a quick exercise and some are longer for a more intense workout, and the calorie burn will vary depending on class length. A spinning class will last 40 minutes and is structured to fit nicely into the 40 minutes. The average amount of calories that are burned in a cycling is between 400 – 600 calories per class. There are advance classes that last an hour and advertise that a participant can burn up to 900 calories.


An instructor is a vital part of any class because they help keep the class structured and they help to keep the class motivated and the intensity up. Each class will have a routine that is created to make sure the calorie burn is high. The speeds will be varied, the intensity will be adjusted, and there will be hill climbs, sprints and interval training. All of these are incorporated into the routine to give the participants a good workout.

While the class is going on, the instructor will be calling out the next move, they will be counting out the beats and they will call out motivations. The instructor will also have previously selected music that will go with the choreographed routine.  This is another way the instructor will help keep the class moving smoothly and keep everyone on target and motivated.

An instructor will have knowledge and training of what the benefits of a cycling class should be.  They will know that the muscles of the lower body will be toned.  They will be aware of how the quads and hamstrings will be toned and that the back and hips will be worked out.  The class routines will then be created to incorporate these groups of muscles and to keep the heart rate up to get the most caloric burn during the class.  Instructors will also be an excellent resource on how to improve cycling and how a participant can get more out of each class.

The Verdict

Cycling is an excellent activity to do for fat burn.  The heart is beating fast, and the intensity of the activity will vary and many different muscle groups will be worked. If this activity is done consistently and over a period of time, there will be results and less fat on the body. Cycling is in the same category as running when it comes to fat burn and calorie burn.


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