Is Frozen Yogurt Really Better Than Ice Cream?

In the grand scheme of desserts, not all are created equal, and frozen yogurt is one of those treats that is generally thought of as a healthier option than ice cream. Before you buy into the marketing campaigns and run off and indulge in several bowls of the stuff, know that while there are differences between ice cream and frozen yogurt, the differences are rather minimal. You aren’t necessarily better off eating one over the other. In fact, when you gather all of the information, you’re probably better off eating a moderate portion of whichever frozen treat you enjoy the most.

What’s Great About Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt has several characteristics that make it a better choice than ice cream. The most significant characteristic is that it’s made from yogurt instead of cream, resulting in less added fat content. Furthermore, the fact that yogurt is used means that frozen yogurt is slightly easier to digest. You’ve surely heard a lot about yogurt and its probiotic content these days with the rise of products like Activia and DanActive. Yogurt’s probiotic content helps digestion and boosts your immune system. The lactose in frozen yogurt is also generally easier to break down than the lactose in ice cream, making it a better alternative to individuals who are lactose intolerant.

Disadvantages of Frozen Yogurt?

Contrary to what we’re made to believe, frozen yogurt isn’t some miracle dessert that’s extremely low in fat and calories. True, there might be a lower fat content because of the lack of cream, but essentially frozen yogurt is made with all of the same ingredients as its creamy rival. You end up consuming a similar amount of calories even when you opt for frozen yogurt over ice cream. Since losing weight is all about burning more calories than you take in, at the end of the day the difference between the two doesn’t mean much for your waistline.

Less Is More

When an ice cream craving hits, it’s probably best to satisfy it with the real thing and not with frozen yogurt. The difference between the two isn’t drastic enough to justify a conversion solely to frozen yogurt. And fully satisfying a craving can lead to overeating. Whichever one you choose, your best bet is to control your portion sizes. Limit your intake to one or two servings. The trouble with foods like frozen yogurt, which are sometimes labeled “low fat” or “healthy,” is that people sometimes think they can consume larger portions because the products are better for you. In actuality, there really isn’t much of a difference and you shouldn’t consume more of the so-called healthy food than you would the other.


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