Is Drinking Flavored Water a Healthy Choice?

Flavored water is all the rage these days, and it seems as if more and more flavored water varieties are popping up on the shelves of grocery stores, convenience stores and several lunchtime eateries. These waters come in festive colors and tempting flavors. However, don’t let these labels fool you, and think twice before making flavored water your afternoon beverage of choice.

Why Flavored Water isn’t the Best Choice

While flavored water might taste delicious and promise to deliver essential vitamins, remember there’s a reason why your water tastes good. It’s most likely due to sugar and unnatural ingredients. You might think that your refreshing drink, such as Vitamin Water or other flavored waters is a healthy alternative to soda and juice. But did you know that one bottle of Vitamin Water packs in 125 calories and 32.5g of sugar? That’s a hefty calorie and sugar count for a beverage, especially one that will add calories to your lunch but fail to fill you up. Vitamin Water, and other flavored waters on the market, also contain crystalline fructose, which is basically liquid sugar.

Flavored Waters with No Calories

There are many flavored waters out there that promise to be diet friendly, and boast a low calorie count or no calories at all. The problem with these is that many contain artificial sweeteners and unnatural ingredients to keep them tasting delicious without delivering calories. Unfortunately, these are often not the healthiest drinks to ingest either. Also, the more beverages with artificial sweetener you consume during the day, the more your body will crave sugar.

The company Vitamin Water has developed 2 lower calorie options–Vitamin 10, which contains 10 calories a serving, and Vitamin Zero, which contains zero calories a serving. Vitamin Zero claims it contains no artificial sweeteners, and is instead sweetened with Truvia and fructose. While this isn’t the best choice out there, it is a better choice than a regular Vitamin Water and can pass as a suitable lunchtime beverage.

Another healthy flavored water on the market is Crystal Geyser Sparkling Mineral Water, which comes in flavors like lemon, lime, orange and berry. While this calorie-free drink is naturally flavored, if you look closely at the nutrition label, you’ll notice it contains 35mg of sodium per serving. So, while this beverage is also a healthier choice than many flavored waters on the market, it still is not the best hydration you can reach for.

The Best Beverage

The healthiest beverage to quench your thirst always has been, and always will be, plain old water. Water ensures proper hydration and cellular function, and these health benefits are delivered with no calories or unnatural ingredients. Drinking water also flushes out impurities and will help keep your waistline in check.

If water is too boring for your liking, or if it’s hard for you to consider such a drab beverage a fitting lunchtime drink, spice it up with some lemon or lime. In fact, you can infuse any fresh fruit into water to give it a punch and add some natural vitamins and flavor.


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