Is BOTOX ® for You?

Each year, millions of women receive BOTOX® injections, all in the name of youth. Additionally, the age of the women undergoing the treatments gets younger as they try to fend off the wrinkles before they occur. One of the reasons behind its success is that it is much faster and not as invasive as a facelift. The results are immediate and no recovery time is needed.

Many of you may be currently considering whether BOTOX® is right for you. To determine this, the pros and cons of this medication need to be analyzed.


Before deciding on an injection, you should understand what BOTOX® is. BOTOX® is derived from the botulism toxin and is injected in protein form into the facial muscles to paralyze them. This causes the muscles to relax and the results are smoother skin, without the lines and wrinkles that naturally form as we age.


When comparing BOTOX® to a traditional facelift, cost will surely be a consideration. BOTOX® is much less expensive, and there are often discounts when purchasing a group of injections. It has become so affordable in fact, that there are actually BOTOX® parties where several friends can receive the treatment in one location in just a couple of hours.

Recovery time is probably one of the factors that cause women to choose this form of wrinkle removal. Instead of the usual bruising, stitching and bandaging that often occurs with facelifts, most recipients only suffer from minor swelling of the area that was injected. It usually only takes one or two days for the swelling to disipate, whereas a facelift can take weeks or even months to fully recover from.

The success rate of this treatment is also very high. BOTOX® has over a 90% success rate, making it a very popular choice among women.


Like any medical treatment, there are cons to consider. Side effects that have occurred from BOTOX® include swelling, a rash that itches, and shortness of breath. Additionally, headaches, double or blurred vision, neck pain, dry eyes and tiredness have all been reported as possible effects that can happen after receiving the injection.

The length of time that it works is 3 -6 months. This is a con because someone paying the same amount for the drug may get results that last only half what another client may receive. This is a large variance that should be acknowledged because not everyone will get the full 6 months of smooth skin. 

Another con of BOTOX® is price. Yes, cost is a benefit of Botox, but that is when you compare it to a facelift. Generally speaking, the average middle-class woman will find BOTOX® to be an expensive alternative to wrinkle creams. Expect to pay around $500 per treatment area, anywhere from 2-4 times a year to achieve the expected results. 

The decision to receive BOTOX® is a personal one. Each individual must weigh the pros and cons and determine if the results are worth the risk and the money. For many, the confidence that smooth, youthful looking skin gives is benefit enough to offset the costs. The most important thing to research before choosing BOTOX® is to find a practitioner with a good reputation. Try to use someone that has been recommended by a friend to ensure a professional and safe results.


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