Is an Herbalife Meal Plan Right for You?

The Herbalife diet plan consists of food supplements, which the company manufactures themselves, plus one meal per day. The food supplements are in the form of multivitamins, herbal pills and shakes. The Herbalife Diet has several variations for you to try out. In order for it to work, you need to replace two of your daily meals with Herbalife products and consume plenty of protein and vegetables for the remaining meal.

Herbalife Diet Meal Plan

If you choose to go on an Herbalife Diet, the following meal plan is what you must stick to:

  • For Breakfast. Take an Herbalife multivitamin, two activator pills and a shake
  • For Lunch. Take an Herbalife multivitamin, two activator pills and a shake
  • For Dinner. Take an Herbalife multivitamin, two activator pills and a well-balanced meal

For the well-balanced meal, Herbalife encourages you to include foods such as fish and chicken for the lean protein and plenty of vegetables and fruits.

The shakes have 20 essential nutrients and come in a variety of flavors. The activator pills help to absorb energy and stamina in the body, while the multivitamins are designed to keep your bones, skin and hair healthy and also keep your immune system strong.

Herbalife claims that the above mentioned daily meal plan will help you lose unwanted weight fast. Results will show in as little as 15 days and the company believes that the meals will keep you nourished throughout the day. The plan includes easy-to-follow instructions, and the shakes that are designed to make you full without consuming a lot of calories are very easy to make.

Facts You Should Know

The Herbalife Diet is a very expensive plan. Since the meals you must consume each day consist mostly of Herbalife products, you need to be aware of how much it would cost you to be on this diet plan.

The Herbalife plan is not a well-balanced diet. Unlike other diet plans that encourage cutting down or avoiding foods that are high in calories and fat together with an exercise routine, the Herbalife diet concentrates on the intake of the company’s own supplements.

Some of the Herbalife products contain ephedrine. Ephedrine has had very negative side effects on many individuals. It can cause heart-related problems, especially in pregnant women and those who are below 18 years of age.


The Herbalife Diet is not a healthy diet plan. You should not consider going on this diet if you suffer from or have a history of heart-related problems, diabetes, thyroid problems or an enlarged prostate. This diet plan has also been known to cause rapid heartbeats, shortness of breath and loss of consciousness.

It is a very low-calorie diet, and although it will make you loss weight fast, your immune system may suffer. Furthermore, weight gain will most likely follow once you stop following the diet plan.


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