Insulin Resistance Diet: Is It All About Carbs?

A healthy insulin diet plan can help treat insulin resistance. Balancing healthy, whole, unprocessed carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index, with moderate servings of healthy proteins and essential fats, can help to regulate blood sugar levels and minimize insulin resistance-especially in women who have PCOS.

Good Carbs Versus Bad Carbs

Replacing processed and refined carbohydrates found in white bread and white rice with unprocessed, whole grains found wheat bread, brown rice, and whole grain pasta will help with insulin resistance because unprocessed, whole grains have lower glycemic indexes.

Refined carbohydrates and sugar found in desserts, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages should be avoided in order to regulate blood sugar levels in people who have insulin resistance. 

Spread Out Your Carb Intake

It’s not just about which carbs you eat, but also when you eat them. Instead of eating large quantities of carbohydrates separately from other foods, eat small portions of carbohydrates throughout the day that are combined with moderate servings of healthy proteins and fats. Spreading your carbs throughout the day will help regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Personal Dietary Recommendations

The popular South Beach Diet and the Zone Diet are healthy diets for people who have insulin resistance. Ask your health care provider about diet recommendations for you. Vitamins and mineral supplements might also be beneficial for you to take-as well as Metformin, a popular medication that helps control high blood sugar levels.


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