Innovative Vegetarian Food Ideas For Entertaining

If you are a vegetarian, or have a lot of friends that are, and you love to entertain, you can try these vegetarian food ideas that will get rave reviews.  It doesn’t matter if you are entertaining a small group or a large one, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a casual gathering or a formal one. 


This can simply be the food that is sitting out while everyone is socializing, or one of the five courses of your meal.  One thing that is sure to be a hit, and will please everyone, is homemade hummus.

Hummus is a vegetarian dip, made with chickpeas, tahini, and sesame seed that can be served with raw vegetables or on toast.  You can buy this, but it’s much better and more economical to make it yourself.

Another great idea is to serve soup as an appetizer.  You really can’t go wrong with soup, and there are some truly delicious recipes out there.  You can try pumpkin spice soup, carrot soup, or orzo soup.

Main Course

The main course in vegetarian dining should be something that is protein rich. There are some options that are fairly easy. 

For a casual affair, there is nothing better than grilled veggie burgers.  When made of soy products, these have plenty of good protein. For a more formal affair, try a recipe with tempeh included.  A stir-fry would work, or even better, a nice lasagna or pasta dish.  There are so many tasty recipes available.

Side Dishes

Side dishes are the easiest thing to include when looking at food ideas for vegetarian entertaining.  This is because there are so many varieties of vegetables to choose from and so many delicious recipes. 

One great one to try is an eggplant tomato bake.  Then there are tons of green bean, asparagus, and squash recipes.  It is easy to find something that goes with the rest of the meal, whether casual or formal.


This is the part where you can be creative and have a little fun.  It can be a challenge to try to narrow down the delicious options.

There are whole recipe books dedicated to vegetarian recipes, but you can use just about any cookbook for dessert recipes.  The only real challenge would be if you were trying to accommodate vegan eaters.  There are still good recipes, you just have to remember they cannot include milk or egg products.

Some good ideas are:

  • banana cake made with whole wheat pastry flour and raw sugar
  • coconut-orange ambrosia bites made with vegan cake
  • old fashioned apple cobbler.

Think outside the box, and don’t limit yourself to preparing the same foods over and over again. Vegetarian recipes and cooking can be innovative and fun!


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