Increasing Intensity with a Cardio Ball

You can transform your stability ball into a cardio ball by turning up the tempo on your workout. The basic premise behind cardio balls is that they combine the strength training that the stability ball provides, but with a cardio-intensive element that will get your heart pumping and body moving.

Advantages of the Stability Ball

One of the main pluses of incorporating a stability ball into your workouts is that they provide a base from which you can really focus on proper technique and form, as you work through your strength training routine. The devices focus on deliberate movements that rely on balance in order to slowly work through your full range of motion in order to get the most out of every repetition you make. Stability balls really allow you to get to the foundation of your workout and build muscle from the ground up.

Adding the Cardio Punch

The cardio ball takes this philosophy a step further. It combines the strength training and balance, which is so much a part of the stability ball’s appeal, with the up-tempo flare of a full cardio workout. Instead of moving slowly through the movements, you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up. And since the range of motion is similar, you’ll get the same strength intensive workout that you would expect from the normal stability ball. In essence, introducing the cardio-elements allows you to have the best of both worlds: you’ll be able to tone up and shed pounds.

Great for Rehabbing

Since the cardio ball, like the stability ball, serves as a base allowing you to focus on good form and technique, it is perfect if you’re coming off an injury and looking to get back into top form. You don’t necessarily have to jump back in at a hundred miles per hour. You can feel free to go at your own pace, using the ball to support your weight in ways you couldn’t if you were to try using other cardio machines. After a few workouts, you’ll find that you’re using the cardio ball less and less as a brace and more and more as a springboard to maximizing your movements. The cardio ball is great for beginners as well for the same reason. It isn’t necessary for you to start at the top. You can go at your own pace, setting your own goals along the way.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Most notably of all, the cardio ball provides a fun workout. You’ll be bouncing up and down in rhythm with the loud house music as if you were a kid all over again. And the higher you go, the higher your heart rate will soar, the more tone your legs and abs will become and the better overall workout you’ll get. A lot of gyms even offer nightly or weekly aerobic classes that incorporate the ball into the workout. So, you can feel free to feel silly with everyone else as you have a blast sweating to the music, laughing and getting a great workout!


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