Increase Your Balance with Pilates Core Training

The Pilates core training exercise program has been utilized for more than 75 years. The founder of this method of strength training, Joseph Pilates, really understood the importance of the body and mind connection. The Pilates core training program combines many different forms of exercise to strengthen your core muscle group, and it involves breathing deeply to enhance the benefits.

What Is the ‘Core’ Muscle Group?

The reason the Pilates exercise program is so popular and effective is because it focuses on the core muscle group. The core muscle group is vital to whole body strength and balance, as well as natural alignment and good posture. The core muscle group includes the pelvic floor, the diaphragm, the rectus and transverse abdominus, the internal and external obliques and erector spinae.

Basically, the core muscle group is the muscles that are used for typical daily movement. Keeping your core muscle group strong by using Pilates will enable you to keep moving freely as your body ages.

What Causes Imbalance?

Most women typically carry a purse when carrying out daily functions such as grocery shopping, going to work, running errands and going to appointments. It’s very common for a woman to carry her purse on the same side of her body all the time. It’s also very common for women to carry babies and toddlers on one hip; usually the same hip over and over again. Not to mention briefcases, diaper bags, grocery bags and countless other things.

Over time, this constant carrying and relying on one side of the body the majority of the time, wreaks havoc on the alignment of the spine and the natural balance that is vital to proper core strength.

How Does Pilates Increase Balance?

The Pilates core training system utilizes special exercise equipment, as well as ordinary exercise balls and mats. The whole purpose of the Pilates system is to work the core muscles in order to improve overall strength and body control, as well as increase flexibility, balance and coordination. These non-impact, but resistance exercise techniques, work together with proper breathing techniques to bring the focus back to alignment and natural balance. It also increases awareness so that it becomes less of a habit to continuously carry items on one side of the body all the time.

What Are Some Basic Pilate’s Core Training Exercises?

There are certain Pilate’s core training movements and exercises that you can incorporate immediately into your daily life. One very basic thing is to start being aware of deep breathing and using it every day. Starting a routine using the basics is the best way to go. For example, you can start with the hundred, leg circles and the side kick. Or, you can start by utilizing the balance ball. All of these basic Pilates core training exercises are easily found online or on DVDs.

The bottom line is to start using Pilates to strengthen your core and increase your balance now to make your life much easier and comfortable later.


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