Incorporating Sports Into Your Health And Fitness Routine

If you have never played sports before, or if it’s just been a long time, you can make sports health fitness work for you in any weight loss or weight management program. There are literally tons of options, and you can decide if team sports, individual sports, or both work for you.


If you want to incorporate sports to make your fitness routine more fun and interesting (but aren’t yet ready for the team aspect), there are things you can do.  Remember the high school track team?  Well, running is actually a sport and this is an easy thing for individuals to begin as a fitness program.

To make running by yourself even more interesting, time yourself or keep track of your endurance.  It will be exciting to see how fast you can become, or how long you can go as you improve week by week.  There are many people who go on to compete in marathons or different types of races once they build up enough endurance. 


This is another great option for those that want to incorporate sports, but prefer the solitude.  Swimming is a huge benefit to your body, as it includes low impact resistance, while building strength and muscle. 

Once again, you make it more interesting by timing yourself on laps and trying to increase your own best time and endurance. 


A great team option for sports is soccer. There are many community and amateur leagues available for beginners.  The practices alone will get you into shape fairly quickly.


This is mostly a partner sport, and it is great to play with someone who may have the same fitness goals that you do.  This can be very aerobic and it builds muscle.


Another great team sport, this includes a lot of relay type running. It will definitely keep you moving!


Boxing is something that can actually be categorized as a team or individual sport.  You can choose to box alone, with a punching bag, although you won’t benefit as much from the constant foot and ducking movements.  This is actually a great choice for toning and aerobic routines, and most people find it to be a fun activity once they get into it. It is recommended that you enlist the assistance of a personal trainer when beginning this activity. 


Once you decide to incorporate sports into your fitness routine, it’s important to remember a few key things.  One is to be sure to increase your intake of water and other electrolyte replacing beverages (i.e., Gatorade).  This is to prevent dehydration.  Another thing is to increase the amount of protein in your diet. There are many protein supplements you can think about using (to increase your muscle and decrease fat) while participating in these calorie burning activities.  A simple drink mix is easy and quick, as well as protein bars that can be taken out of a gym bag and eaten while on the go. 

Sports are a great way to add variety and creativity to your work out routine!


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