Incline Bench Exercises: Incline Chest Press

The incline chest press is a great exercise that will strengthen the pectoral muscles in your chest. When you set up a strength training routine you need to make sure to hit all of your major muscle groups including the chest. This will help to ensure that your entire body is being trained evenly so that you don’t create an imbalance.


To perform the incline chest press you will need an incline bench and a pair of dumbbells. You may also choose to substitute the dumbbells for a barbell. 

Performing the Exercise

To get into the starting position to perform this exercise you need to grasp a dumbbell in each hand and then lie flat against an incline bench. To perform the exercise, begin by inhaling and then pushing the dumbbells up in an explosive fashion as you exhale. Palms should be flat and facing the knees. Then slowly lower the dumbbells down until they are just a few inches above your chest. This is one full repetition. Try to perform two to three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

Muscles Used

The incline chest press exercise will use the upper chest muscles in addition to the triceps and front deltoids. The front deltoids are the muscles located at the front of your shoulders.

Preventing Injury

In order to prevent muscle soreness and pulled muscles begin by using a light weight and then progress to a heavier weight as your muscles get stronger. Always be to use controlled movements as well. If you can’t control the movements easily then you likely need to lighten your load by using lighter dumbbells or fewer weight plates on the barbell. It’s also a good idea to do a 5-minute warm up before you begin any lifting exercises. You can warm up with light jogging, arm circles and/or push-ups.


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