Improve Skin Health and Nourishment with a Wellness Massage

Most of the advantages of a wellness massage are well know. Massage has been used to ease muscular discomfort, lower blood pressure and create peace of mind for centuries. But the benefits of a wellness massage extend even beyond those confines. Here’s a look at how massage can also help maintain healthy skin.

Facial Skin

Many standard facials begin with a facial massage. The face is made up of muscles, and a massage can loosen the tension stored in these muscles. Massages also improve circulation, which allows for a healthy glow and youthful blush. Many skincare professionals believe a regular regime of facial massages can tighten skin and combat wrinkles. Rubbing down the skin also removes dead skin cells, leaving a fresh layer of younger-looking skin. A massage should not last for more than 20 minutes, however, as rubbing thin facial skin for too long will cause redness and chafing.

Body Skin

One of the reasons  that wellness massages are good for skin is that massaged skin usually equals well-hydrated skin. Skilled masseurs have a selection of moisturizing aids to soften your skin and help their hands interact more efficiently with your skin. Many massage creams are packed with nutrients and vitamins that are proven skin protectors.

Wellness massage increases your skin’s elasticity as well, which is the key to its youthful appearance. This combined with the improved circulation that accompanies a good massage leads to stronger, younger looking skin that feels healthy and invigorated. Body massages can last considerably longer than facial massages, as most body skin is thicker and more resilient than the skin on your face.

The Right Lotion

Lotions are typically used in any massage, and it’s a good idea to know what kind of lotion your masseuse is using before she begins the service. Only allow a lubricant on your skin that will not conflict with your skin type or any allergies.

Dry skin has different moisturizing needs and tolerances than normal or oily skin. A lotion that nourishes dry skin can cause serious acne outbreaks in oily skin. Vitamin E is especially good for healing and nourishing most skin types and is an example of the natural ingredients you can ask for when speaking to your masseuse. Dry skin will respond well to almond and sesame oils, and with few exceptions, oily skin benefits from avoiding oils altogether in favor of creams with natural additives, such as orange or peach. If you have normal skin, you can experiment more freely, choosing oils or creams based on consistency or aroma preferences.

A good massage can benefit your skin as well as your mind and body. Dead skin is removed and circulation is improved, which are both keys to achieving healthy, attractive skin. In addition, a good massage lotion will hydrate and nourish you skin, adding an even higher benefit to the experience. If you are looking to increase the health of you skin, consider massage as an option.


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