Hydraulic Weight Training: Benefit From Not Using Weights?

Hydraulic circuit training has the same, and even more, benefits than regular resistance weight training.  If you have not tried this type of workout, once you do, chances are you won’t go back. 

Cardio and Strength

When using hydraulic fitness machines, you are getting a cardio and a strength training workout at the same time.  This eliminates the need for separate workouts. You can accomplish both things in 30 minutes. 

Automatic Adjustment

Hydraulic gym equipment adjusts automatically to your body and strength. There is no time wasted in adjusting the machines or adding weights; it’s all done for you based on your body and your individual ability.


There is even a safety benefit in using hydraulic equipment (that you don’t have when using regular resistance training weights).  There is no risk of strain by picking up weights that are too heavy.  There are no exposed cables that will break.  There is no danger of free weights falling. 

The safety benefit to your body is that you are using your own resistance. Your body is only training as hard as you are able, yet you are still benefiting from the fitness aspect. In fact, you can even burn as much as 500 calories in one 30 minute workout!


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