How Zumba Dancing Can Boost Self Esteem and Lower Weight

If you’re looking for a way to exercise that will help you shed pounds and feel great while doing it, look no further than Zumba. The best kind of exercise is the kind you actually look forward to–it empowers you and makes you feel good about yourself. Zumba does all of these things, which is likely the reason women of all ages flock to the classes. Here’s how Zumba dancing can boost your self esteem–and lower your weight simultaneously.

Having Fun Makes You Feel Good

When you’re doing something that you actually enjoy, chances are you feel pretty good about yourself. Having fun is great for your self esteem, which is why Zumba can have positive effects on both your body and your mind. Taking a Zumba class is like joining in a welcoming dance party where nobody is judging you. In fact, you’re surrounded by other women looking to have a good time and become healthier in the process. The result is 60 minutes of exercise that feels more like a carefree celebration where you can dance and move any way you feel. Zumba’s actual slogan is “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!”

The Music Moves You

It’s no secret that listening to upbeat music can improve your mood and give you that “I can take on the world” mentality. Zumba offers an hour of fun and sultry music that makes you feel less inhibited–sexy, even. Since Zumba was inspired by Latin dance and rhythms, the music makes you want to sway your hips and move to the beat. After a long day of work, it can boost your mood. If you’re the type who normally feels shy or doesn’t feel comfortable dancing in public, Zumba can help you to feel more confident doing so.

You Get a Good Workout

Don’t be fooled by all the talk of Zumba being “fun” and “party-like”–you still need to put some effort into it if you want to see results. The good thing about Zumba is that you want to put effort into it, mainly because the class doesn’t feel like work or exercise in the first place. Unlike cranking a treadmill incline up several levels to increase your body’s workout expenditure, shaking your hips a little harder or putting a little more pizazz into your moves in Zumba class is easy from a mental standpoint.

Zumba incorporates intervals. You’ll be doing slow and steady moves for a few minutes before launching into a fast paced sections with quick moves that will get your heart rate up. Even more, since Zumba is influenced by dance, you’ll be toning your muscles as you get your cardiovascular workout.

If you’re looking for a workout that doesn’t feel conventional, Zumba is a good choice. The carefree and fun atmosphere will make you feel good about yourself, and the moves will help you to lower your weight and get in shape.


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