How Your Mirror Can Influence Weight Loss

Your mirror can influence your weight loss, both in a positive and a negative manner. When you’re concerned about losing weight, you should evaluate how you’re approaching your reflection and decide whether or not your reflection is having a positive impact on your weight loss goals. If your reflection is having a negative impact, you can take steps to change how you view yourself in the mirror so that it’s a positive influence on your weight loss program.

Distorted Self-Image

The primary way in which a mirror can negatively influence your weight loss is by giving you a distorted self-image. It’s easy to obsess over your reflection and notice every flaw or bulge. Being unhappy with the flaws you identify in the mirror can give you poor self-esteem. Without a healthy amount of self-esteem, you won’t have the motivation to lose weight in a safe and effective way. If you focus on the negative, you won’t be able to understand that you may be losing as little as one pound per week and still be safely on your way to achieving a healthy weight loss.

Take a Picture and Hang It Up

To help you gain a better perspective when it comes to your weight loss, it may help you to have a “before” picture to which you can compare your current reflection. Before you start your diet and exercise program, take a full-body picture of yourself and hang it up in the corner of your mirror. That way, when you’re focusing on a flaw or bulge five, ten or twenty weeks later, you can actually take a look at where you were when you started and see what kind of progress you’ve made over the past few weeks. This can work toward your advantage so that your reflection serves as a positive influence on your weight loss program.

Try Flattering Fashion Tricks

You can also avoid being consumed with flaws by trying out different fashion tricks that will flatter your shape and give you the boost of self-esteem necessary to continue working out and exercising after you look in the mirror. If you identify a flaw, think of ways that you can cover it up for the next few weeks and months while you work on losing weight. For example, pick out patterns with vertical stripes, which can make you look taller, but avoid horizontal ones, which can make you look wider. Avoid tops and bottoms that expose your midriff and choose dark colors without a lot of patterns. For women, wear an attractive dress that gathers a little below your chest and doesn’t hug too tightly against your thighs and waist.

Write Notes to Yourself

If you’re going to be looking in the mirror each morning anyway, use the opportunity to encourage yourself to press on with your weight loss program. Write encouraging notes to yourself on self-adhesive memo paper and highlight the results of your work so far by keeping a weekly tabulation of how much weight you’ve lost.


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