How Your Hair Color Can Slim Your Face

“Did you lose weight?” That kind of question may have an unlikely answer: “No, it’s my hair color.” Hair color can create a slimming effect. When you are worried about excess pounds affecting your appearance, it’s a great feeling to walk into a room with a new hair color and nice clothes that flatter you.

Even if you have no need to diet, you may want to know of any hair color tricks that can slim your round face. Either way, you can win, with just a few hairdressing tips. Let these tips be your guide, for a slimmer-looking face.

Better Focus

Hair color can play an interesting role in perception. Hair experts have real solutions for customers who want a look that will give their face a slimmed-down appearance. It’s easy to assume that look is all about cut, set and style, but color can play an important role. A single unified color is one option. (You would have to keep up with touch-ups every month or two.) Highlights are another option, which last up to three months.

  • Shades: If you have a round face, people may pay more attention to its shape if you are a blonde. Color experts claim that lighter hair shades attract a closer focus than do black or brown hair shades.
  • Highlights: This is a technique where the colorist separates strands and lightens or darkens them for contrast. Highlights are a favored solution for any round face. The use of dark and light lines in the hair, like stripes in clothing, have a slimming effect.

For Blondes Only

Hair colorists say that blonde hair does not impart a slim-down effect as easily as darker hair. At the same time, if your natural look is blonde with pale, pinkish skin and blue eyes, dying your hair black might look odd. Hairdressers say that you should not choose a hair color that will clash with your natural complexion. If you are a blonde who feels uncomfortable with a darker shade, there are other options.

  • Facial framing: Highlight the hair around your cheeks, as in a frame. Concentrate highlights on the lower portion of your hair, from about ears down, to help mask the width.
  • Strategic lights: Use lighter highlights at the top of your head and darker shades at the bottom.
  • Ask for “lowlights”: Highlights make certain strands of hair lighter than your natural color. For round, chubby faces, hair experts recommend lowlights instead. If your hair is a one-color light blonde, for example, the colorist would take a darker blonde or ash tone to give your color depth, and the colorist would apply the darker shade on certain strands. The end result is a slimmed-down appearance to your face.


Beyond hairdressing, you will want to find a hair-color expert who knows more than just cuts and styles. A color expert will have had advanced classes and training beyond basic hairdressing. The colorist can help you achieve new effects that slim your face. A good colorist may use several techniques at once, such as lowlights and highlights.


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