How Your Air Freshener Can Help Curb Your Appetite

When it comes to picking an air freshener, there are many things that most people will try to keep in mind. Some opt for air fresheners based on memories associated with a certain scent, such as a scent of a grandmother’s home or mountain vacation. Others opt for smells of fresh flowers and spring days. Some people want an air freshener that will make their apartment smell clean and fresh. The criteria is a bit more specific for others, though, and many dieters may look to their air fresheners to help curb swelling appetites. There are ways that an air freshener can complement your diet and fitness goals.

Scents that Stimulate Your Senses

Consider placing an air freshener in the main living areas of your home that energize you, making sure that you don’t first fixate on food when you arrive home after a long day. An air freshener than energizes you will help you forget about snack cravings that you may have had on the way home; it can get you moving toward the treadmill before heading to the kitchen. You also may opt to use scents that remind you of things that are far removed from food, things that bring you pleasures beyond your taste buds. If your thoughts turn to other pursuits that bring you as much pleasure as a high calorie snack, you’re less likely to go for it. It can help bring things into perspective, separating genuine hunger from cravings that sometimes fool one’s appetite.

Beware of Sabotaging Air Fresheners

Some stores have air fresheners that can actually increase your appetite, with scents like cake batter and freshly baked cookies. After a whiff of those air fresheners, your mind is more than a little likely to want to sink your teeth into delectable, high calorie treats. While some people can handle the temptation, because at least the pleasure of smelling those treats is satiating, it can derail the resolve and willpower of even a determined dieter.

Smell Association

If you have a big problem with midnight snacks or faux appetite signals, consider plugging in an air freshener in the kitchen when you go to sleep at night that you have less-than-positive associations with, something that would make you lose your appetite. It’s something that should not be done during the day or regular waking hours, as you don’t want to develop a negative relationship with food in any way, but that kind of air freshener can help midnight snackers break their habit.

Air Fresheners that Improve Mood

Many people who struggle with weight and appetite issues are emotional eaters. Eating because of good and bad feelings can result in a confused, complicated relationship with food, where one has a hard time trusting her own appetite. If your depression is causing issues with food, consider placing air fresheners throughout your home, including your kitchen, that make you feel good. Go with scents that make you the happiest, ones that evoke the hope you have and the positive memories of the past. This can help you feel better, so you can sort our whether you’re genuinely hungry or are simply wanting to eat as a way of avoiding emotions.


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