How Yoga Can Help You Maintain Weight Loss

It can be hard to maintain weight loss. Losing extra weight is only half the battle; maintaining your goal weight requires massive changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. Yoga can help you maintain your weight loss.

Yoga and Weight Loss

Studies show that a regular yoga practice can help you lose weight. Doctors, students and teachers agree that yoga can help with weight loss, but not because it burns calories. Most forms of yoga burn few calories, but practitioners and professionals say that yoga helps you form a stronger mind body connection, so that you’re more aware of how you feel and more likely to engage in positive habits, like eating right and exercising regularly.

How You Can Use Yoga to Maintain Your Weight

In order to maintain your goal weight over the long term, you’re going to need to cultivate a great deal of self awareness. You’re going to need to remain aware of your energy levels and how you feel physically. A regular yoga practice cultivates greater body awareness, which can help you learn to recognize feelings of hunger and fullness. 

Yoga also boosts your metabolism, so you’ll keep weight off while maintaining a healthy appetite. Yoga can help you learn to respect your body, and to accept it as it is. Yoga will help you stay more in tune with your physical state and health and can give you an alternative means of coping with stress. 

Practicing yoga regularly will help keep your muscles toned and supple and can strengthen your joints to improve your endurance during other activities. Yoga can even form part of the regular exercise routine you’ll need to establish in order to maintain weight loss. Some forms of yoga can be quite strenuous and aerobic, while other forms are more relaxing and restorative. The average hatha yoga class (which is low-impact and focuses on improving flexibility) however, burns about 150 calories an hour.

How Yoga Benefits Your Emotions

The benefits of yoga go beyond improving your physical health. Yoga can also give you a means of accepting and coping with negative emotions, which can be especially useful to emotional eaters who wish to maintain their weight loss. Yoga can improve your mood, help you manage daily stress, reduce anxiety and relieve the symptoms of depression. Yoga exercises and breathing techniques help calm the mind to improve your memory and help you concentrate more easily.

One of the primary emotional benefits of yoga is that it improves your body image. Yoga’s mindfulness techniques help you learn to accept your body as it is, and yoga exercises help you learn to enjoy your body for how it moves and what it can do, rather than how it looks. The self control required to perform yoga poses and breathing exercises will eventually translate to all other areas of your life, so you’ll find it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight even when you’re not on the mat.


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