How Yoga Can Help Heal Grief

In a modern world that doesn’t often slow down or allow proper outlets for those who experience grief in their lives, it’s often imperative to take control yourself. You have to take care of yourself and find methods of healing and dealing with the grief. Yoga is one way that you can channel the pain and grief into a healing process for both your mind and body. Although yoga has long been misunderstood in pop culture, it’s a popular practice with roots in India, where it developed physical and mental disciplines. While it has many interpretations and forms outside of India, most who practice it seek enlightenment. Many seek enlightenment after being shaken by grief.

Finding and Developing Your Passion

Yoga is intense, and it’s also an immense practice, with many different branches and interpretations. There are many different types of yoga classes in most mid-sized and larger cities. There are certain steps within yoga that take time to master, and focusing on moving up and improving your abilities will present you with a challenge, as well as short-term and long-term goals. Having this good-for-you hobby and developing it as a passion can really help you heal from a stalled state of grief. Too often, people sit in self-pity from their grief for so long that it inevitably turns into a self-destructive depression. Instead, acknowledge your grief and stand up for your need to heal and grow.

Working with a Yoga Instructor

Businesses devoted entirely to yoga classes are found in cities around the country. Yoga studios are often led by a Yogi, one who has studied for years and mastered the practice. However, always check out the history of one who teaches yoga. Doing it the wrong way or continually mistaking a step can lead to irreversible harm. Only trust your health and body in the hands of one who is trained to teach and prevent injury, as well as one who you feel comfortable around as a student. When you find a yoga instructor you trust, talk about your own personal goals. Once you tell a Yogi that your goals include healing from your grief, she should better be able to help you use the practice to help foster your own healing and personal growth.

Yoga and Community

Going to a yoga studio each day can get you out of the house, when you may otherwise indulge in your grief more fully. When you become a part of a yoga community, you’ll get to know like-minded individuals in all likelihood. Chances are, you’ll also meet others who are trying to heal from grief, or those who have used yoga in their spiritual path. Don’t be afraid to seek help from both the Yogi and your fellow students. You should feel comfortable asking for help when you need it, and don’t hesitate to give back as well, offering truth and advice to students that come in after you. Part of your healing from grief in yoga will come from your spiritual development.

Music with Yoga for Healing

Using soothing music while doing yoga can really create a soothing and spiritual environment. For example, Olivia Newton-John’s spiritual album, “Grace and Gratitude,” is often used for yoga accompaniment. It’s written as healing music, as the artist wrote it while trying to heal from the disappearance of her long-time love. The music and yoga can help you work in unison to get to a place of peace, where you can accept the pain from the grief and then move to a healing place.


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