How Yoga Aids in Anti-Aging

Yoga as an anti-aging technique is garnering more interest. The benefits of yoga are numerous. A regular yoga practice tones and stretches the muscles, nourishes the body with oxygen through deep breathing and serves as a form of meditation. In doing so, yoga brings with it anti-aging effects that can leave you feeling more energized, more relaxed and more youthful.

A Stress Reliever

A common consequence of going through a traumatic experience or stressful life event is the appearance of more wrinkles, frown lines and a less youthful appearance. If you’re happy, you often look younger; you simply smile a lot and are more relaxed. The benefit of yoga for anti-aging is that it elevates the mood and reduces anxiety. The breathing exercises, physical toning and stretching help to release stress.

Physical Impact of Yoga

There is also a relationship between the flexibility of the spine and aging. Yoga helps to nurture the elasticity of the spine. When the body is less rigid, it is also less prone to injury or the effects of aging. If you’ve been practicing yoga for decades you may be mistaken for being much younger than you truly are. Muscular flexibility and an upright spine are attractive and youthful physical qualities and a mark of vitality.

Even more important than physical appearance, a regular yoga practice helps to relieve the aches that often accompany aging. Through working the muscles and stretching them, oxygen enters inflexible muscles, enhancing the degree of oxygen that enters the entire body on a regular basis. Yoga is thought to reduce oxidative stress, which is associated with aging conditions in the body such as heart deterioration, the formation of wrinkles and the development of Alzheimer’s. By infusing the body with proper oxygen, yoga slows down the aging process and prevents or delays the onset of debilitating diseases.

Studies on Yoga

In many studies, yoga has shown to be beneficial in circumstances where stress is the culprit. For example, a regular practice of yoga has been linked to decreased anxiety, lower blood pressure, removal of headaches, and lower incidence of asthma. Of note is that yoga is generally not considered a calorie-burning workout. While in advanced classes, it is possible for the postures to be strenuous, the benefits of yoga rest in the factors that are often missing in strenuous workouts, such as feeling in touch with the body, breathing deeply with control, and a meditative component that connects you to your spirit and inner essence. Many experts recommend it as an addition to other workout activities that are more cardiovascular in nature.

If you’re looking to slow down the aging process, yoga is an effective activity. It strengthens the body, stretches the muscles, calms the mind, increases flexibility, lifts the mood, improves concentration and leads to greater relaxation. Those who practice yoga regularly are typically stronger, more flexible, more at peace and generally possess a more youthful appearance.


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