How Weight Loss Can Affect Your Relationship

After you reach your weight loss goals, your relationship with your husband or boyfriend may change. While he may support and encourage you, he may also feel threatened. Here are some ways that your lower numbers on the scale may change the dynamics in your romantic relationship.

He May Feel Insecure

After your weight loss, your husband or boyfriend may begin to show signs of insecurity. He may notice other men eying you appreciatively, and therefore become worried about your reaction to those glances. How he copes with his feelings is very important for your relationship. Some men will speak openly about their concerns, while others will become aggressively jealous. Yet others will begin to bring home candy and fattening foods, hoping that you will put the pounds back on and become the woman that they feel more comfortable with. If you feel that your man is feeling insecure, reassure him that you won’t turn your back on him, no matter how much weight you lose. Remind him that you are putting on that sexy lingerie to catch his attention, not some other man’s. Be honest and open with him, and be careful not to fuel his fears.

He May Get Motivated

Once you start losing weight and looking sexy, your significant other might decide that the time is right for him to do the same. He may notice your muscles responding to the strength training that you have been doing, and then decide that he ought to try it, too. Maybe he’ll see how much you have enjoyed your walks around the neighborhood and ask to join you. If you both increase your fitness levels and lose weight, you will both benefit. You will be able to watch each other become healthier, active adults, and you will act as each others’ motivation.

He May Get Competitive

Unfortunately, some men may take your weight loss as a threat. They will see the progress you have made and want to prove that they can do it better. If you have one of these men, take heart in the fact that you have inspired him to become more active and healthy. Talk to him about wanting to keep your exercise time as your “Me Time”. Gently remind him that you are losing the weight to become a better, healthier person, and that you are doing it for yourself. Secretly, though, it’s okay to use his competitive streak to keep your motivation in gear.

Better Sex

Weight loss, no matter who has lost the weight, can give your sex life a boost. It can improve your self-esteem, which can lead to new directions in the bedroom. A healthier weight also means better blood flow, which allows you to become stimulated more easily. You may also find that your libido has soared to new levels. What better reason to start a diet and exercise program?


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