How Weight Loss Affects Bra Selection

The bra is possibly one of the most important pieces of clothing a woman will buy and own in her lifetime. The construction of a bra is both technical and difficult, considering that it is a piece of clothing that contributes not only to the appearance of a woman, but also her comfort throughout the day. Bra selection is important for the overall comfort, posture and the choice of clothes that a woman wears daily, and choosing one with the cut, size and material that brings about the best fit is essential. With current health and weight loss trends, it is no surprise that the bra size of a woman will keep changing. Here’s how weight loss affects bra selection.

Cup Volume

The cup volume of a bra reduces as a woman loses weight. This is because weight loss generally means that the woman is taking on a low fat diet or burning more fat, resulting in an overall reduction of fatty tissues in the body. Since the breasts are made out mostly of fat tissue, it is no wonder that as the body’s fat content reduces, the size of the breasts reduce as well. As a result of this, they fill less volume of the bra cup, and a smaller cup size is therefore required. Another factor to take into consideration due to the reduced cup volume is the fact that smaller women may appear less well-endowed. Therefore, in selecting the correct bra, there are two main things to take into consideration. Firstly, the cup volume has to fit perfectly, allowing for the bra cup to fit over the breast without space in between. The other thing to remember is the overall appearance that a bra creates for the woman – for those who wish to have a fuller figure, consider push-up bras to create a balance in the figure.

Strap Length

The bra consists of two main straps – the chest strap and the shoulder straps. With weight loss, the lengths of the straps change as well. With the shoulder straps, this change is less tricky since with most bras, the strap is adjustable according to the comfort of the wearer. For those with very significant weight loss, however, the best option is to select a bra that has removable straps so that the shoulder straps can be replaced with the loss of weight. The one that goes around the chest is not usually adjustable, and therefore poses the main problem after weight loss. This strap is meant to fit snugly around the ribcage, and should not be too tight or too loose. With weight loss, the fat around that area is reduced or removed, creating the situation where the chest strap becomes too loose. For women who have weights that tend to fluctuate a little throughout the lifetime, the best option is to choose bras that do not have lace. This is because lace cuts into the skin when there is weight gain, and tends to be less flexible and less likely to fit around the chest area when there is weight loss.


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