How Weight Gain Can Affect Your Relationship


Have you ever noticed that weight gain can affect everything in your life, especially your relationship with your mate? Many women wonder if their spouses or significant others will still love them if they gain weight. However, even assuming that your partner has no problem with your weight, your weight gain can still affect the relationship in a very substantial way.

Body Image

Weight plays a big part in your body image, and this is particularly true of women. If you gain weight and start to feel unattractive, you are less likely to want to go out and enjoy life and activities that put you in contact with a lot of people. You might feel uncomfortable and uneasy around people. A relationship cannot thrive if you are living as a hermit and hiding from the world. Healthy relationships incorporate fun activities on a regular basis.

Another problem is that when you are not happy with your body, you may wonder why you should bother wearing nice clothes or styling your hair. This may make your partner think that you simply do not care about your appearance, and it can take a toll on the relationship. Be sure that no matter what your weight, you dress in clothes that flatter your body shape, style your hair, and apply a little makeup. It will make you feel better about yourself, which can only help your relationship.


Body image can also have an incredible impact on your sexuality. If you do not find yourself attractive, then it is likely that you will not want to show your body off to your partner. This can lead to less frequent sexual interactions, which can take a toll on any healthy relationship.

The key to overcoming this is to always remember that your weight does not define you as a person. You can be as vibrant, passionate, and sexual as ever.

Feeling Like a Failure

Weight gain can affect every part of your life because it can make you feel like a failure. You may begin to wonder how you can succeed in any part of your life when you cannot control something as personal as your own body weight.  

These negative feelings about you and your abilities can have an adverse effect on your career, your friendships, and your relationship with your spouse or significant other. Negativity can permeate and harm a relationship, sometimes to the point of no return.

However, you can break the cycle. Sometimes there are emotional challenges, physical limitations, or hormonal issues that prevent you from reaching a healthy weight, even if you are doing all of the right things to get there. If you have gotten off track as far as your diet and exercise program goes, recognize and admit it, and then get right back on track. Your relationship will be much stronger because your partner will respect you more when he/she sees that you are willing to stick with your fitness goals, even though you may have hit a little speed bump.



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