How Weight Gain Can Affect Your Finances

Weight gain can affect a lot more than a person’s health; it can affect her finances as well. Money is probably the farthest thing on a person’s mind when they’re trying to lose weight. They may not realize how much money is spent on products, exercise equipment and fad diets. The next time you gain a few extra pounds, consider how much money is taken out your finances to lose the weight.


Exercise equipment can cost thousands. Large equipment such as treadmills and gyms not only take up space, they take from the wallet. A good treadmill runs between $500 to $1,500. They come with all kinds of special timers and some now come with add-ons like arm bands and stepper features.

Try to find a treadmill on sale. Although the added features are great, it’s best to find a traditional treadmill. Check out want ads as well. A lot of people use places like Craigslist and Ebay to sale equipment they don’t use or want anymore. But before you purchase one of these items, make sure it’s worth what they’re selling it for. Do your homework and save your money.

Gym Memberships

Gym memberships are skyrocketing, but the problem begins when the person never uses it. If you choose to use the gym as a means of losing weight, do a pay as you go plan. This helps if you decide to skip workouts or lose interest in the gym. The best and cheapest way to lose weight is by doing it the old fashioned way. Buy a cheap pair of weights or aerobics DVD and plan your workout this way. You save money, aggravation and don’t get caught up in costly memberships.

Fad Diets

Fad diets include miracle pills and drinks. They promise to help you lose a large amount of weight in less time. However, these usually don’t work alone or at all. Find products that are used in meal plans or snacks. Instead of paying a lot for a name brand weight-loss shake, buy generic instead. They have the same type of minerals and nutrients as the more famous brands and provide the same results.


Saving your finances begins with your grocery list. Before you fill your cart with chips, cookies and soda, look for better alternatives. There are plenty of healthy snacks that taste great, help you maintain your weight and cost a lot less. If you’re a person who must have chocolate, then look for snacks that are low in calories and fat. You’ll find a great number of healthy snacks that taste better than regular snacks with half the calories. Products like granola bars and snack cookies come in a variety of flavors. They list the calories, fat and carbs right on the label.

Save even more money by making your own healthy and delicious snacks. The cheapest place to find great recipes is online. The Internet is a wealth of information. Many are free and won’t cramp your finance situation. Also utilize health sites. These sites have different sections that offer tips on snack and meal ideas.



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