How Weight Gain Affects Bra Selection

Many women consider their bra to be the most difficult item of clothing to shop for, and because the body can undergo significant changes after weight gain, venturing out to find a new fit can be confusing. Simply getting the right size of bra can be an adventure.

Changes in Your Body

One of the first places you may feel weight gain is in how your bra fits. Being unable to fit the entire breast in your bra cups and having portions of the breast “peek” out of the top or side of the cups is often the most obvious indicator that a bra has become too small.

Breast size alone isn’t the sole area where changes occur that can affect the fit of a bra. Additional fat around the ribcage and on the shoulders are two places that can make the straps of a bra seem tighter and force you to use a wider clasp to accommodate the need for increased band size.

Changes in Your Bra

If you’ve already started using the largest clasp on your bra’s band and have let out the straps as far as they can stretch, purchasing a new and better-fitting bra can greatly increase comfort. Whatever the reason for your weight gain, being comfortable in your clothing is important for health and well-being.

Finding the right bra may take trying on multiple cup and band size combinations to find the proper fit. Sometimes a larger cup size isn’t needed and it’s only a larger band size that’s required. Band size is a measurement that refers to the circumference of the ribcage. Cup size is the size of the cup as it relates to breast volume. When shopping for a properly fitting bra, you may find that you need an increased cup size, but that your band size has remained the same.

Weight Gain and Posture

While weight gain of 20 to 30 pounds may indeed require a change of bra size, significant weight gain may have the added effect of causing back problems or poor posture due to increased breast size. As poor posture can make it difficult to breathe properly and can cause back pain, investing in a bra that provides strong posture support may be required after weight gain. Most clothing manufacturers will offer bras for women who struggle with posture due to large breast size, and it is important to recognize whether your body is in need of increased support through a specially made bra.

Dont Ignore the Need for a New Bra

While a shirt or a pair of pants might not require replacement in the event you gain 10 or 20 pounds, it is likely that some attention will need to be paid to how your bras fit. In addition to creating unsightly bulges due to ill-fitting undergarments, it can be very uncomfortable to wear a bra that pinches and squeezes in all the wrong areas.


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