How Weight Affects Hair Texture

If you’re concerned about your hair texture and how it’s related to your weight, you are not alone. Good hair texture seems to be one of those things that some people are born with and others have to struggle for years to acquire and maintain. Knowing how your weight and diet can impact your hair texture can help you to make sure that your hair always looks rich, full and beautiful.

Generally speaking, a healthy diet is necessary to healthy and vibrant hair. If you end up overweight or underweight as a result of your diet and exercise, it’s likely that the texture and appearance of your hair will suffer as a result. Being under the appropriate weight for your size and height is actually more harmful to your overall health (and to the texture of your hair), then being overweight is. Read on for a few of the ways that your weight can affect your hair texture.

Underweight Problems

If you’re underweight, your body will not have enough nutrition and nutrients in order to properly maintain certain bodily systems. In these cases, the body naturally prioritizes more important functional systems over those that are seen as unnecessary to support yourself. Unfortunately for your hair, the texture and appearance of the hair is one of the first of these “unnecessary” symptoms to be removed. The result is that your body will start to re-channel some of the nutrients that would have otherwise gone into making your hair appear full and beautiful to more essential bodily functions and organs. Your hair texture and appearance will suffer as a result.

Overweight Problems

Being over the appropriate weight for your system is also potentially damaging to your hair texture. If you’re ingesting too many calories and an improper balance of nutrients, you’ll find that your hair may take on different textural qualities. It’s not uncommon to find greasy, oily or damaged hair in these cases. Just as with problems that develop by being underweight, overweight problems will often be traced back to the nutrients available to your body to use in constructing the hair follicles.

Maintaining Healthy Hair

The single best thing that you can do to keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful is to eat a properly balanced diet. Make sure to include plenty of amino acids and Vitamin E, as these are two of the most important nutrients that go into the construction of each hair. You should also have lots of complex carbohydrates and plenty of protein from meat, tofu or nut products in order to fully develop your hair and maintain it. Hair products that can apply these nutrients and others directly to your hair are great ways of boosting the appearance and texture of your hair, but a proper diet is the more long term and beneficial way of ensuring that your hair always has the look and feel that you want it to, regardless of the types of products you use.


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