How Vibration Exercise Can Slow Weight Gain

There have been many studies lately on using vibration exercise to slow weight gain. These studies have found that the claims about vibration exercise are true. It is a pain-free way to strengthen muscles and lose weight.

Vibration exercise refers to standing, sitting or laying on a platform that vibrates. The vibrations run through your body, causing muscle contractions. Vibration exercise works because it works every muscle group and helps increase your range of motion and flexibility.

What the Studies Say

A 12-week study done in Oregon discovered that vibration exercise will help to slow the acquisition of fat and may strengthen bone density as well. Two groups were fed the same diet and kept sedentary. The only difference was one group participated in vibration exercise. After 12 weeks, the group that participated in vibration exercise weighed less and seemed healthier than the group that did not have this exercise. This type of exercise could be compared to a moderately intense walk.

How Vibration Exercise Slows Weight Gain

Only vibration exercises that include the full body will slow weight gain. It has been coming to the forefront as an alternative to regular exercise. It helps increase your metabolism, which will in turn help to burn more fat. This increase in metabolism is due to the increased oxygen intake while doing vibration exercise. This method has also been shown to improve balance and strength in older women. The results are shown to be close to a moderate intensity workout.

There are several ways vibration exercise can help you lose weight. One is by boosting your calorie burn. Due to the muscle contractions it can burn up to 500 calories in around ten minutes. This helps to support your lean muscle mass. When you increase your muscle mass, this also burns calories, even in a still position. It can also help to lower your stress hormones that cause weight gain in the midsection. Having weight in this area can lead to diabetes and other health complications.

One hormone that vibration exercise will increase is the human growth hormone. Studies show that over time this hormone decreases in our bodies and can cause us to lose muscle strength and gain weight. Vibration exercise has also been shown to improve blood circulation and blood oxygenation. When you improve your blood flow, this can also help to shed those unwanted pounds.

There are many benefits to using whole body vibration exercise. You can build muscle and lose weight at the same time. Using this form of exercise can help you to shed weight in just a few minutes a day. It is a pain free way to exercise for those who suffer from injuries or other pain which prohibits them from doing traditional exercises. You can research the different models available online. There are different types to use and they range in price. These have also been used in weight loss clinics with much success. Consult your doctor about using vibration exercise before starting.


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