How Using Laxatives To Lose Weight Harms Your Body

Using laxatives to lose weight can harm your body. Many women may think that laxatives are a quick and easy way to lose weight. Yet, used often, laxatives can be harmful to the body. This method of weight loss can lead to laxative abuse, which is often considered an eating disorder and is associated with other types of eating disorders.

How Using Laxatives to Lose Weight Harms the Body

Laxatives cause our bowels to work, and when our bowels are working, they are releasing fluid and waste from our body. If they are working overtime, they are releasing more fluids than waste. This means our body will begin lacking the quantity of fluids it needs to function properly. All of this stimulation also puts added pressure and added stress on our GI tract. Over time, this can cause it to weaken, and cause a chain reaction that softens our bones.

Choosing a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Choosing a healthy weight loss plan is better than using laxatives to lose weight.  This doesn’t mean you have to actually begin dieting. What it means is that you should make better food choices, incorporating healthy food choices into your diet. You may even want to eat more often throughout the day to keep yourself from feeling hungry.  If you also incorporate eight or more ounces of water, and daily exercise to your routine, you will be on your way toward a new, slimmer, and healthier you.


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  • samantha

    ok so my friend really its a friend and not me!!! she is talking about using laxatives to lose weight and I told her it is soo NOT safe plus she diabetic does that make it more dangerous for her??? What should I say to her to convince her not to do it? Im worried that she has already started 🙁

  • toyota

    I think taking laxatives is not as harmful as people think. Its fine. Just tell your friend not to over do it. And drinks lots and lots of water.