How to Work Your Lower Body with An Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is an essential item in any home gym. In fact, when paired with a resistance band, you have everything you need for a complete body workout. An exercise ball is especially useful for working out your lower body. Here are some exercises you can do using the ball to tone up your lower half.

Lunges against the Wall

Perfect for working your butt and hamstrings, this exercise requires that you find a spot against the wall. Place the ball so that it’s being held up between your back and the wall. Step one leg back so that the bottom of your foot is resting up against the wall. Step the other leg forward–you will put all of your weight over this leg (your other leg is there as a kickstand more than anything else). Bend your knees down into a lunge position, being careful to keep your knees from bending over your toes. Try to keep your front leg at a 90 degree angle when bent.

Do a set of eight singles. From there, go down for two counts and up for two counts for eight reps. Repeat both singes and double counts three times. From there, go down into a lunge position and pulse it for 10 to 12 seconds. You’ll feel the burn! Switch legs and repeat.

Chair Pose

Again, you’ll need a wall to do this exercise. Stand so that the ball is held in place between your back and the wall. Squat down so that it looks like you’re sitting in a chair and hold the pose. You’ll work your quadriceps. Try to hold the pose as long as you can.

Supine Ball Toss

To work your inner thighs, lay on your back with your legs lifted straight up in the air (so that your body forms a 90 degree angle). Open your legs wider than hip width. Throw the ball up and try to catch it in between your legs. Do three sets of eight. You’ll feel your inner thighs starting to burn. After you do three sets, hold the ball between your legs and pulse the exercise by trying to squeeze your legs together against the resistance of the ball.

Full Body Stretch

This exercise will work most of the muscles in your body including your lower abs and legs.

Start laying flat on your back with your arms stretched over your head holding the exercise ball. Roll your shoulders up and lift the ball into the air at the same time as you lift your legs straight in the air. Place the ball between your ankles and lower your legs and upper body down into a supine position again. Lift your legs back up (with the exercise ball still between your ankles) and drop it into your outstretched hands. Do three sets of eight. This Pilates move is a challenging way to lengthen muscles all over your body.

These are only some of the many exercises you can do with an exercise ball to target your lower body.


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