How to Work Your Abs with Dumbbells

In order to successfully exercise your abs by using dumbbells, then it is quite important that you fully understand the techniques. There are a lot of effective ab workouts that can yield great results. A successful workout routine can, however, require a strong commitment from you. To achieve this goal of creating a successful ab workout you can incorporate a variety of exercises into your routine. A few ab workouts that can prove to be effective are Standing Side Bends, Dumbbells Crunches, and Overhead Side Bends.

Standing Side Bends

Before you begin this exercise, make sure that you have a few necessary items. Of course you will need your dumbbells, but more importantly you will need to make sure that you have the correct attitude for working out.

Positioning yourself is important. Hold one dumbbell in one hand and place your other hand comfortably behind your head. When you do this then make sure that you are standing upright with both feet together. This exercise will give you the opportunity to use your ab muscles that are located on the side of your body. Move the dumbbell in a downward motion towards the floor. At this point you will probably start to feel your muscles on the opposite side of your body react. Take it slowly and hold this position for approximately one to two seconds then repeat the exercise starting from the beginning point. After many comfortable repetitions, then you will want to alternate hands so that you can effectively work both sides of the body.

Dumbbell Crunches

For this particular exercise, you can use a stability ball to maximize your results. You need to make sure that you have your stability ball and dumbbell in place. Now it’s time to position your body onto the ball comfortably. Lie on you your back on the ball and bend your knees making sure that your feet are firmly positioned flat on the floor. Grab one dumbbell and hold the ends with both hands. Make sure that you have a good grip so you don’t injure yourself. Extend your arms, making sure that your elbows are slightly bent. Hold your dumbbell directly above your head. Move your arms with dumbbell in place in a downward motion toward your feet. Breathe in and breathe out. Hold your position for approximately one to two seconds then start again. Remember you are doing a crunch exercise and an important component of this exercise is breathing appropriately.

Overhead Side Bends

Make sure that you have your dumbbells. Now begin your workout exactly as explained in the earlier version of the standing side bends. Except this time you will have the dumbbells positioned over your head.


These workouts can definitely help you to create a great workout routine for your abs. Just remember to make your ab workout an enjoyable experience so that you will want be to exercise regularly. Remember that it is important that you are comfortable with the routine you choose.


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